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How to Deal With Your ‘Right-brained’ (Creative) Human Resource

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It is often perceived that being a manager makes your life a lot easier. All you need to do is order people and get the task done. This is not the case in reality. We all know that everybody has his own personality so managing people with different attitudes

35 Adobe InDesign Tutorials – Enhance your Print Medial Skills

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Adobe Systems always present ultimate products especially for design industry as we have Adobe InDesign application; it can be used to create works such as print media designs as I have my own experience as poster designing, brochure designing, book designing, flyer designs, beautiful magazine designs, newspapers and

Increase your Romanticism With Valentine Wallpapers

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For all and sundry who is in love with someone must like to celebrate the valentine day because it’s the day which provide you an opportunity to show your close relation with you lover. Love is a thing that will make you everlasting in the eyes of others and

25 Graffiti Art Tutorials Which Making Aesthetic Sense

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With regard imaginative graffiti art tutorials with fresh look and useful training s, in this tutorial roundup we have appealing graffiti tutorials to get more exposure as graphic designer, we have colorful graffiti designs by way of abstract artwork using Adobe Photoshop designing tool with more advanced techniques. This awe-inspiring

50 Valentine’s Day Inspired Wallpapers with More Love and Feelings

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Everyone planning their coming holiday “Saint Valentine’s Day” how to express feeling to a beloved one, so much ideas already publish on the web and some related with our blog are here below as “50 Valentine’s Day Inspired Wallpapers with More Love and Feelings” most attractive and romantic festivity

Valentine’s Day Special – 30 Exciting Photoshop Tutorials

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As tutorial specific blog we are here always with useful and occasion related tutorials, in this roundup “Valentine’s Day Special - 30 Exciting Photoshop Tutorials” every designer must be busy to design their print media campaigns, website designs inspired by valentines, logo design according to this romantic occasion and

Learn How-To Deal With your Overstressed, illogical Clients

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In today’s age there are lots of businesses are online and people also try to adopt these kinds of jobs, because people are now able enough to get earn their bread at their home. So, if you are working at your home then don’t forget about the main point

40 Apple iPad2 Wallpapers to wear Valentines Day Themes

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Valentine’s Day is coming next month on this day everyone want to spread happiness and love within beloved circle. Lovers give gifts to someone special, they want to show their loves, and they become much happy on this occasion. They love to wait for this day “February 14 as

General Tips & Tricks to Put Up A Software Product

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Technology has no limitation and there are lots of examples of technology that we are using in our daily routine life on the other hand it’s also a source of survival for lots of people more companies are working online then it’s a part and parcel of your job

30 Image Gallery of jquery Tutorials to Be Professional

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In this modern world of web development requirements are increasing day by day with regard low rate data, avoid flash animation due to their compatibility issues, so always try to find alternates of useful and ultimate solutions as we have jQuery image gallery and jQuery image sliders become very