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10 Greatest Twitter Wallpapers

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Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging overhaul that enables its users to send and interpret other users’ updates known as tweets. Some Months Back We Mention About some Best 100 Twitter tools and 21 Cool Twitter Greasemonkey Scripts. Now am here posting a quantity of the Cool

15 Amazing Examples of Combat Digital Art

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Combat is a ordinary theme within digital art communities. Though, many battle pieces aren’t predominantly good. I’ve hand selected some digital paintings depicting combat scenes that I felt showed exceptional talent.

10+ Remarkable Vector Tutorials

Author: | Categories: Freebies, Illustrate, Photoshop 2 Comments
Education Adobe Illustrator is one of the significant skills that every designer should have, it will help you in creating exclusive designers and more capabilities to deal with lines and paths than Photoshop and other bitmap software. The below is a compilation of the most remarkable vector tutorials that

Free Vectors and Brushs for Design Your Easter Eggs

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I think it is the best time to contribute to this post, Happy Easter every one. Here are collected works of vector and Photoshop brushes for Easter eggs with my beautification and designs on it. Use it in your ecard, share it with your friends and send it to

15 Best Websites of Photoshop Tutorials

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When it comes to graphic design or image suppression, frequently Adobe Photoshop comes first alternative to consider. Underneath you can find diverse range of Adobe Photoshop tutorial websites. It comprises of tutorials from image exploitation, text effects,3d styles and loads of other helpful tutorials which can come practical to

Best Tutorials for Website Designs

Author: | Categories: Freebies, HTML, Photoshop, XHTML 1 Comment
Suppose it or not we are not the only lay contribution up Photoshop layout tutorials. So I went in front and compiled a list of the best Photoshop tutorials written related to web designs.

5+ Newest Versions of Photoshop CS4 Tutorials

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There is a good news for Tutorials lovers who want to learn more more and more day by day with new techniques, tips & tricks, we're presenting a updated collections of newest Adobe Photoshop CS4 Tutorials, please leave your comments on this post.

30+ Best Photoshop Tutorials for Newbies

Author: | Categories: Freebies, Illustrate, Photoshop 3 Comments
We offering some listed below Tutorials for newbies and professionals for learn more and enjoy with new techniques of Photoshop tools, effects, filters and some manual work with real passion.

19 Fantasy Tutorial Collections

Author: | Categories: Freebies, Illustrate, Photoshop No comments
Fantasy arts are forever fun to work on. They frequently engage fairies, castle, dragons, wings and etc. Here I have compiled 22 Photoshop tutorials that you can practise along.

20+ Professional Poster Designs in Photoshop: Part 1

Author: | Categories: Freebies, Illustrate, Photoshop 3 Comments
Advertisements and posters are one of the principal markets for graphic designers.  Posters must be eye-catching, proficient, and communicate an significant message about a product, service or occasion, all while maintaining the viewer’s interest. Today, we have a review of 47 tutorials for creating professional posters and ads.  Whether