35 Amazing Parallax Scrolling Corporate Website Ideas

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In these days parallax scrolling has become mainstream, Ian Coyle was the person who created first parallax website on 2011 "Nike Better World". But now it is worn out as trend, this is an amazing tool and suitable for storytelling websites. Parallax is derived from Greek language “parallaxis” which means

Cool Skateboard Design Examples for great fun

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The skateboard has been the most preferred source for artists for several years. This just not provides a strapping surface to paint on, but proffers an inspiring way to present artwork in the community. Now one knows exact existence of skateboarding yet it has received condensation at massive level

The Best Sites of the Week 29th March 2014

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Last week was too much busy for the internet marketers and business owners. All were busy to find the best sites that will fit their business. Are you one who is also curious to know this or have confusion to finalize the best site then we can help you

Mind-blowing Free UI Kits for Next Year 2014 Designs

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This is the piece of creative stuff in which you will get a brief but complete set of the Surprisingly Free UI Kits for 2014 Designs which all are not only new but able to serve you well. Make use of these free PSD UI Kits in order to create

Designing Adaptive Websites Using LessFramework

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Adaptive Web design is actually the same as responsive design and blends several of the same ideals and objectives too. The basic difference is might be the changes are crafted on the server side in spite of client side. Adaptive websites are designed to act upon, to choose multiple

10 Useful jQuery File Uploading Plugins

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jQuery is the way to improve users website functionality with minimum functionality and code as well. HTML5 websites are receiving empowering interest among web developers in these days, so the creation of new functional websites is more significant as it is an edge to have control over the competitors.

How-to make your Scrollbar as Progress bar

A progress bar is elemental in a graphical user interface employed to visualize the development of a boosted computer function, like file transfer, download or installation. At some moments, the graphic is connected by a textual representation of the progress in proper percent style. Some additional development is actually

7 Best WordPress Plugins for Delete Revisions to Speed Up blog site

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You know that the management of the blogs is not a piece of cake task for which you need a lot of tools that can serve you well in this regard. At the present time, the WordPress is very commonly used for the sake designing the blogs. The uses

How Can Your Company Benefit from an Online Shopping Cart?

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As the business sector becomes more saturated, new and better ways of shopping online have continued to emerge. Today, people prefer to use the internet for their shopping needs mainly due to its convenience and speed. The increasing number of online stores has also compelled most consumers to switch

The Challenge of Games – Online Casino design

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Designing any website is challenge all by itself. Designing a website with hundreds, if not thousands of interactive features, all well known to the audience, but with the need to appear individually designed and branded is a whole different story. In this article we tackle the art and
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