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Web Development Dose – jQuery Plugins Released in November 2013

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The cream of the crop jQuery plugins which are released in the month of November 2013 are shown to you as a web development dose. These are very useful and give you as many facilities as you may demand. If you are a pro web developer then you will be

The best jquery slideshow plugins of 2013

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I would like to show you the outstanding slideshow plugins of jQuery in which you will disclose the best jquery slideshow plugins of 2013. It is a big reality that the world of web designing in recent times has become very enormous due to the improvement of every field of

Pixel Perfection Into Responsive Website Design – The Responsive Calculator jQuery Plugin

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is becoming popular day by day; they are popular because they allow users to furnish different layouts for specific devices. Nowadays people are dependent on the internet they are using mobiles, tablets, Smartphone and even TV. These devices have different screen sizes and resolutions

The Best jQuery Responsive Plugins for Web Designs

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It permits the artistic web developers to develop lots of applications which are based on JavaScript. The professional web designers are always looking for the useful jQuery plugins to design a perfect responsive website and to aid them; I would like to share 40 finest jQuery plugins which are

Responsive jQuery slider – FlexSlider amazing toolkit

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While experience Responsive jQuery slider plugins is an excellent idea not only as the material of space restraint in websites or blogs, but it gives site or blog owner an ability to make their visitors occupied in a one single page for a long lime. Using these image sliders

Useful HTML5 and jQuery Responsive Grid Using uSquare – jQuery Plugin

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Responsive Web Design

One of the hottest developments nowadays in web design is the implementation of responsive layouts. This is the kind of web design that automatically adapt to fit in different browsers sizes of devices. These devices range include from tablets to Smart phones and desktop computers as well.

Hatchshow Plugin Creates Columns of Text with Uniform Measures

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Typography Is an Essential Aspect in Website

There are many essential factors to create a successful website or blogs and web typography is the most important part of a web design. The web visitors mostly care about the typography that is used in a website or blogs. Most of the

Must Have jQuery Tooltip Plugins as Developer Dose

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The world which we examine these days is well decorated with a vast numbers of eye catching things as compare to the traditional era when the life of human begins was very simple. The reason behind this remarkable development is continues struggle of the humans who developed this planet

An Amazing Platform for Learn Photo Editing – Premium Resource

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Photo Editing

Photo editing means give your photos a look as per your own choice. You can change image style, background, tune it up and much more as you want. These images can be digital photographs or either prints. Different types of photo editing deploy different software's like airbrushing is

An Interesting Device Detection Script – Categorizr Responsive Web Tool

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Device Detection

Device detection can play a worthy and important role in the implementation of a responsive web design. Device detection allows users and developers to recognize device properties and characteristics in order to determine best content mark up, layout or applications serve to a given device. The characteristics include such as screen