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25 Striking Digital Artwork in GIMP – Tutorials

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As my personal experience not much designer using GIMP tool for create valuable designs and photo editing but a number of designer using GIMP for some specific design assignments and may be due to free of cost availability of GIMP or due to some tricky tools, so we are

Ultimate Showcase of GIMP Tutorials

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It’s my personal assumption that if you are a professional in your field you will not face failure because it’s an age of internet and technology and if you want to get the success then you should be master in any specific field. Designing is also a field of

A Wonderful Tutorial About Gimp for Professionals

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GIMP is an Image Manipulation tools, which is free software for raster graphic editor, we may use for photo enhancement, photo retouching and even nowadays some designers using GIMP for website designs as well, GIMP is compatible with all famous operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Mac

30 Professional Tutorials for Designers Using GIMP

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GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is free open source application for image editing that can use in also for website layout designing as well, this software can do many things to for your needs, we always try to different experience for design techniques and learn how to work with