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50 WordPress themes for Bloggers

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In the time in which we live today, any person can easily find that our planet is well decorated with an enormous numbers of technical developments in every aspect of life and just for instant, if you critically check the tremendous facilities in the field of communication, you will

Amazing Parallax Scrolling WordPress Themes Designed in 2013

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If you are looking for an aspiring business website that must be an amazingly extraordinary, then you must need to ponder parallax WordPress theme to create up an implausible online appearance. The parallax scrolling effects is an amazing technique used in computer graphics, maintaining a fantasy of depth by

Best 2013 SEO Plugins and Widgets for WordPress Websites

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You know that in the present going era, we are well facilitated with the lots of marvelous facilities which we were unable even imagine in the past times. This is the basic reason that at the moment, we are able to get the knowledge of every corner of the

Ultimate WordPress Theme Development Techniques

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The web development status has seen a very strong production for a last decade but it’s still not an easy task, a designer can give you just ideas but in order to give a real look and feel to ideas is not really easy, don’t get me wrong because

35 WordPress Plugins Management Techniques and Tutorials

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If we talk about the accessibility of any outstanding and royalty free tool which is available for the best content management system that provides us terrific open source blogging then the one and only name that is fully functional with the powers of PHP and MySQL is WordPress. You

How Much Productive WordPress Open Source into Business – Tips and Tricks

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When we are in a hunt of an open source blogging tool which will be provided free of cost and should be complete, functional and comprehensive then WordPress must be our first and the leading priority. It is a wonderful and helpful content management system which is truly based

What kind of Content can be Customized on WordPress?

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Removing the admin bar:

The version of word press 3.1 began a new admin bar which on removal will leave great space. If you don’t like it, you can remove it. It is a good option if you want to customize word press.

Specifying the auto save interval:

Word press

Create a Fully Custom Post in WordPress

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I love WordPress as a framework, but sometimes my business partner and I need to literally gut the contents of a post and use our own code. This is a common problem for us, and the typical workaround is a shortcode to call a particular function. But sometimes we want

Securing the WordPress from Malware Infections – Get Awareness Regarding Common Viruses

Securing Wordpress is some important task. If the Wordpress is not protected, it might lead to several harmful aspects which would affect your business in a bad way. As wordpress increases its ways and chances of protection also increase. There are several plugins and themes for the protection of

A Carry Weight Collection Of WordPress Themes Tutorials

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Now almost every term of this world is changed because it’s an age of internet and technology and the life of people is fast than before. If we look at the daily routine life of a man we can understand about the busyness of a man and it’s also