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How to Convince Your Client on Your Design

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Being a graphic designer is not at all an easy job. Every graphic designer will have his share of experience with the clients who have drive him crazy with his view points, thoughts and suggestions. No wonder, since it’s his brand a client understands the brand and the target

How To Keep Work-Life Balance As A Freelance Designer

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No matter what your profession is, keeping a balance between your professional and personal life is very important. For employers work will always be more important than his employees. In order to succeed, yes, it is true that one needs to work really hard but then again

Essentials of Designing a Perfect Newsletter

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As the name says, newsletter is an essential tool of business communication alongside brochure, flyer and business card etc. A newsletter is more like a corporate bulletin that acts as a good source of information about the happenings in an organization. The target readers of

Have You Ever Been To Icons Land?

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I am a design explorer, i.e. I am a designer as well as an explorer. Exploring the world of designs, the new technologies and especially exploring the Internet for newer design websites is my hobby. This hobby helps me a lot in my career and makes designing easier for

Invoicing Tips for Freelance Graphic Designers

Author: | Categories: Freelance 9 Comments
The best thing about working hard for your employer or client is getting paid. However, majority of designers don’t particularly enjoy the part of invoicing the client after completion of the project. However, handling it properly is a necessary part of being a freelancer or running a

Tips and Tricks for Halloween Graphics

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Halloween is a unique and international festival celebrated by almost half of the population of the world. From ancient monster legends to the modern day practices of costume parties and ‘trick or treat’, Halloween offers a diversified pool of activities associated to its tradition. These activities can range from

How to Go About Logo Redesigning

Author: | Categories: Inspiration 9 Comments
A logo is the most basic element of branding and brand recognition of an individual, product or service. A logo is designed as soon as the business is established and remains till the end of the days. However, at times, due to some particularly important reasons, companies tend

How to Design a Perfect Website for Your Client

Author: | Categories: Inspiration 7 Comments
Designing a website is not at all an easy task. It requires a lot of creativity and effort on designer’s part so that he can come up with a design, which is exceptional. Websites are a different medium of communication as compared to brochures, flyers, business cards

FAQs of Logo Designing – an Entrepreneur’s Perspective

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My previous post was about some important FAQs from the view point of a logo designing professional. I hope that would have been as beneficial for my fellow designer as I expected it to be. This post is more of a sequel to the previous post, however,

LogoBee Reduces Logo Design Delivery Time

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To appease growing demand, LogoBee launches new faster turnaround times for initial logo design samples. President of LogoBee Pavel Rokhmanko says they have been receiving a