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How to Increase the Amount of Content on your Website

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As we all know, content is considered king in today’s marketing world. To increase your brands’ popularity and awareness, you need to keep updating your site regularly.  Great content will help in maintaining loyal visitors, which is important for your site to increase its popularity. Once you start adding

Stop chasing Google

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We are all guilty of it. Spending countless hours, efforts and even cash at times–chasing google to increase web traffic. We have all become a slave to a search engine and it is only ONE of many. We get it! We still have to use Google for our SEO

How to Create a Portfolio Website that Entices Clients

There was a time when designers and artists had to carry a large brown bag to every job interview which was full of big and small papers representing their work. Today, like every other organization has shifted to different online mediums for its publicity and promotion, artists and designers

Some inspirational sites you have to check out!

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Some of the greatest sites to check out online–I check them weekly for inspiration! Aquaceutic Diplomatic moonrisekingdom Woodwork zensorium Protest Dadaabstories ipolecat Siaperitivos Sweez   Dubbelfrisss Leedsbuildingsociety athenos Forixwebdesign Numero10 Moto.oakley italiokitchen stylemepretty vodafone Tour.1stbyte Diamondesign Thisiscrowd worthy Gammeldansk oniric-creative Novolume worldofmatter Mexicanaffair Commerca Redman Sonorama Sevenfold BRWN Studio

Neon Light Effect in After FX

Excellent, easy to follow effects animation tutorial,  I will upload my version of this tutorial later this month. For now, I hope this is as easy to follow for you as it was for me!

How to collect votes for contest?

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If you have started a contest, you probably will need votes, in order to win that content. You can’t just start it and leave it alone to get votes. You will need to invest a lot of efforts and maybe money. We can help you how to collect votes,

50 Line Icon Sets (Free PSD Files)

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Inspiring Free Countdown Timer Scripts for Websites and Projects

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Oculus Puts a Personal Touch on their Virtual Reality!

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Back in the 1990s, virtual reality was something everyone fantasized about because it was made popular in fiction during the time. There was even the Virtual Boy from Nintendo that had people excited, but failed to deliver the goods. Now 20 years later, we have Oculus Rift VR. This

French Audio Tech Startup Opens U.S. Pre-Orders For Its $2,000 ‘Phantom’ Speaker

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Devialet, a startup company dealing in high-end audio technology, recently announced that it received $20 million in funding for their Phantom Wireless Speakers. They have already begun accepting preorders for these speakers from consumers in the United States. These speakers have been in development for 10 years and have