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Everyone knows the significance of a website, but what many don’t know is that no matter if it’s a business or an individual, you cannot go in with just a general website. Every business and individual has special needs and a specific kind of niche to cater to, and so you need to create a special website tailor-made for your requirements.

If you don’t know how to create a website specific to your needs or you have no idea what goes into the kind of website you want, why not take help from Wix, the online easy website builder that can create just about any kind of website for your needs.

To give an overall idea, I am going to discuss in the following all the different kinds of websites you can create with Wix that cater to specific niche. Let’s read on.

Wix Business

A business website cannot be just any website. It needs to have very specific features that facilitate the users or customers and also empower the business owners. Wix Business offers all such feature that include:

Contact Form – A special contact form on your website that lets your users get in touch with you.

SEO Tool – Use specific phrases and keywords to target customers and improve your rankings on search engines.

Google Maps – You can display your location a map so people will know where to find you.

Subscriptions – Offer subscriptions and customers sign-ups to expand your client base.

Email Marketing – Shout out emails can be created and sent to promote your products or services, and events etc.

Customer Reviews – Get customer reviews and feedback and post them directly on your website.

Custom Domain Name – Get a custom domain name for your website that goes with your business niche.

Wix Online Store

E-commerce is booming by leaps and bounds and is becoming the fastest growing shopping trends these days. However, on an e-commerce website everything is online, one needs very peculiar elements for their online store to offer a great shopping experience to customers. Wix Online Store can offer you all of this and much more, like:

Impressive Storefront – Hundreds of storefront designs to showcase your new arrivals, best sellers and special sales.

Create Collections – You can showcase your products either individually or sort them in different category.

Store Manager – A useful online store manager dashboard to track orders and manage your inventory.

Product Pages – There is an array of product page layouts with different options to show the sizes, colors and other information about your products.

Shipping & Tax – You can ship to a worldwide audience with customized tax and shipping rules for each destination.

Payment Methods – Offer multiple payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, and offline payments etc. without having to pay any commission to Wix.

Coupons – To attract customers, you can offer discounts, free shipping and other special deals and coupons on your online store.

Wix Music

Music industry has one of the biggest chunks in the entertainment sector and owing to that it’s vastly going online as well. Now you can showcase, buy, sell and share music online through your music website or store. Wix Music is just about these characteristics that help your run a great music website with features such as:

Digital Store – Set up a full-fledge digital store on your website to sell any type of digital files: e-books, music, video, design assets, or software etc.

SoundCloud Player – You can share your favorite music on your website with the SoundCloud audio player

Commission-free – Offer your visitors to listen, share, download and purchase your music commission-free

Spotify Player – Use Spotify Player to easily share your music tracks, albums and playlists on your website.

Wix Photography

If you are a photographer and want to sell and showcase your work on your website, Wix Photography can offer you a plenty of feature to enjoy, that includes:

Galleries – Inspire and impress your audience with 40+ stunning galleries and layouts.

Storage – Get tones of storage for your high quality images.

Image & Video Backgrounds – Give an impressive look to your website with image and video backgrounds.

Page Protection – You can protect your images by creating private pages for photos or galleries that only specific members can enter

Restaurant & Accommodation

The hotel and hospitality industry also needs website that are very specific to their needs and with features that cater to their client and customers. Wix offers you a whole gamut of features for these special restaurant and accommodation websites with elements like:

Menus – You can create impressive online menus and upload your photos and prices in it.

Restaurant Reservations – Offer customers to make online reservations 24/7 with OpenTable Restaurant Reservations.

Hotels Booking System – Book hotel reservations 24/7, accept online payments, and manage rooms, etc. This feature is specially created for boutique hotels, B&Bs, and vacation rentals etc.

Multilingual Booking for Guests – You can offer your international guests to book rooms in their specified language by adding up to 12 languages on your website to choose from.

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