PhotoSweeper – A Platform to Cleanup useless Space from Photos for Mac

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PhotoSweeper - A Platform to Cleanup useless Space from Photos for Mac

We often buy some things that we already have but we don’t know, yes I’m talking about the lack of knowledge like sometime we get butterflies because of hard drive’s low storage space even without checking useless date, a lot of people mostly keep a large amount of images and if you’re facing the low disk space bug while you have mostly photos than other files like me, here’s something that can be proved helpful to get rid of it, this is because some people love to save every moment of their life, they span new photos on daily basis using photo gadgets such as your Panasonic camera or the iPhone that save images in numerous folders even sometime make duplicates that we don’t know like we don’t really need so many shots of the same pen but we have, so what to do in these kind of situations.

Of course simply organize everything and delete duplicates you’ve saved but it’s not an easy task even it consumes a valuable time period. Worry not as I said above here’s a solution named PhotoSweeper app for your Mac machine. This is handy photography tool to make life easy, you can organize your photos and will clean up duplicates even it can be used to know how much area is same in your photos and for some other task, you can say it a dozy platform where you can sort images easily and even increase the storage space of your hard drive by deleting duplicates and reducing the size of your collection, it’s very easy to eliminate similar or duplicate photos.

What PhotoSweeper Offer?

The Photosweeper app offers a simple interface, there’s just one screen where you can use anything need. There’s a simple canvas,  a side tool bar and a status bar-like tool bar too. Everything is not so difficult to understand, if you ask from me, anybody can use the app with no trouble.

What PhotoSweeper Offer

The bottom status bar-like tool bar offers photo opening options, the first one is media browser that lets you to open the complete iPhoto app and libraries. These photos will be tagged with a small button, you can use this feature to identify the image source app like any other app than iPhoto such as Photoshop.  The second one is “add photos” as the names shows it can be used to add individual photos, however you can also add photos by simply dragging them into canvas. The next one is “put into box”, this is a app box where you can store any photo for specific enhancement or editing, there’s a “show box” option near the previous option too.

There’s another too that offer photo information tool, quick look on photo and zoom, there are two petty tools on both sides of zoom, the one take zooming into zero and another into 100%. The side tool packs setting to customize the soring process, let’s discus how to do so.

How Photosweeper work?

So you’ve added some photos and now thinking how to use them? Well! After adding up some photos, you have to play with setting for sorting process, first you need to set up parameters for image such as format and size, the app, however, support almost formats.

Now take a look on ccomparing tab side to do the main job, this will bring up six methods to try, that are following:

  • Bitmap:
  • Histogram
  • Time interval
  • Time + bitmap
  • Time + histogram
  • Duplicate only

The bitmap will be created in every photo, the histogram shows information and the time interval lets you compare times of capturing and other information. The last one dublicates only compare photos with identical content you want.

Once you’ve made setting, click on the compare tab, it will start comparing process that may take time depending on photos, so be patience. The app shows the full result, you may organize images too.

PhotoSweeper Start Comparing Process

You can select photos from the result and take them into the box that I discussed above “what photosweeper offer”, once you’ve done everything you want, simply trash photos, you can rename your cleaned photos too from the box. The app also auto puts photos into the box.

The bottom line

In the end the Photosweeper is one of handy tool for your photography that you can come up with, if you’re facing low storage bug on the hard drive, clean up photos using Photosweeper or if you’re a photographer, this is the app you should always use I mean compare your photos to know the difference and get rid of useless images that you don’t need and the app can also be proved a handy tool to save up the time, don’t navigate hundreds of folders to find duplicates, simply head over to the download link and take the advantage of a cleaner.

Download PhotoSweeper for Mac [Mac App Store Link]

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