What kind of Content can be Customized on WordPress?

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What kind of Content can be Customized on WordPress?

Removing the admin bar:

The version of word press 3.1 began a new admin bar which on removal will leave great space. If you don’t like it, you can remove it. It is a good option if you want to customize word press.

Specifying the auto save interval:

Word press has introduced an auto save option which will help you restore or save your new posts if your browser crashes or there is an unexpected shut down in your computer. This way you will not have to lose the work you had done with a lot effort and hard work.it is a very good and interesting feature especially for those who face and expect their computers to stuck or shut down at some time.

Disabled auto save:

Sometimes the word press is customized by excluding the auto save feature. If you think that your system is perfect and you don’t need this option, then you can neglect this feature complete.

Reduction of revisions:

Post revisions are another good feature of word press. It helps in reverting the old versions. Moreover, this is easy to use because word press has no limit on how much revisions should be allowed. Reduction of the revisions can also customize the word press and make the tasks easy for you.

Automation of empty trash:

It is another great feature of word press 2.7. If you deleted something by mistake, you can get it back through this feature. Its function is matching to the recycle bin’s function. It is essential to empty trash and cleans up so that the programs work in high and good speed. Trash feature is good for users of word press but if you feel it as a burden to clean up daily then you can ignore it because word press will do it automatically. So this is another way of cutting down.

Removal of visual editor:

Visual editor might destroy your hemp markup files. If you are scared of that, then you need not to worry because this also not essential for the program. So, it is preferred to disable the visual editor to avoid messing up the hump markup.

Editing the help drop down text:

At the bottom of word press admin panel there is help written. If you click on it, it will slide down opening some options. This is one of the good places for adding your own custom help texts for a visitor. One can also customize it for administration panels. You can check the address bar of your browser in order to search for the file you ought to add the actions to. It will be helpful if you add the loads prefix rite before the name of the files.

Changes in contact information form:

If you want some changes in your contact information form then you can also add the formations regarding your twitter accounts, Facebook and all other accounts you have. This will be convenient not only for you but also for the users for customization, you can add new fields and remove the old ones. This might shorten the word press.

Variable role capabilities:

All the capabilities must be written in the database. This is because if you need to give back ability to a visitor role, then you will have to use the add-cap functions for the removal.

Checking the users and visitors capability:

This is a very useful option if you need to allow some user role to view specific things which depends on their ability. This is done by few conditional tags. If you use admin (), then it is a good way to go. But there is one function current-user-can() which will let you certify what ability a user wants to have so that he could view whatever you have hidden on conditions.


Thus these were few points through which you can customize the useless content on web. There are few contents which are just waste of time and effort. So you can avoid them. You can get information about it through different magazines and books on this topic as well.

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