Tired of Having Redundant Objects in Your Photos? Try Snapheal

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SnapHeal is a new name in the photo editing world; however, it has brought versatility with it. As a photo editor and image editing app for Mac, SnapHeal has gone a step, or let’s just say two steps further in bringing a nice experience for users who wants their photos touched up or enhanced. There are uncountable photo editing apps and software all over the Internet and in app stores of all operating systems and some are pretty famous, but they are mostly for cropping, adjusting the colors or simply to give different kinds of effects to the photos. And that’s where SnapHeal has made an effort to stand out from the crowd.

In almost all other simple photo editing software, you have to try on different adjustment effects before you find the right one, on the other hand, in Snapheal, it’s made far easier. One of the best features that this app offers is to remove the unwanted objects in the photo. So if you are at a tourist spot and your photo/background is spoiled by another person or some other thing, you can easily have it removed with different editing tools in Snapheal. It has this ‘Erase’ feature which further has three different modes so that all kinds of big and small objects can be easily erased from your lovely photographs; plus it also deletes scratches, fixes skin imperfections and gets rid of useless text in a photo. Clone and stamp is another great feature which helps retouch the image.

Enhancement of photos and images is also a magical tool present in Snapheal. That photo you so loved but it got spoiled with those ugly zits or even wrinkles or freckles; you can get rid of it as easy as ABC.

One thing that is pretty good from the users’ perspective is its interface. Snapheal app has a sleek and intuitive user interface just like they say the kind where a user would love working. It also provides and easy and comprehensive navigation options as well.

First I thought I will try it through the Free Trial option provided to all new users, and I was immediately convinced that this is just the image editing application I need for myself. However, I was concerned about its price being so high. Nevertheless, when I checked Snapheal’s website, I considered it one of my luckiest days when I saw that its original price was $29.9 and has been cut down to only $9.99 as an discounted price, and I couldn’t help clicking on the ‘buy’ option.

Since the time Snapheal has been launched, it has been receiving critical acclaim from users of all kinds and from all over the world. Some famous professional technology blogs have even gone as far as calling SnapHeal an inexpensive alternative to Photoshop. I have edited a lot of my photos through this application and they now look great and if you are someone like me who loves the idea of that perfect shot, this app is for you!

Now you don’t have to find that good enough spot, the one where you can have as much unwanted stuff excluded as you want, to take the photo. Aptly named, SnapHeal edits photos in a minute. Take a shoot wherever and however you want, mark the area or the spot which you want to get rid of and see the magic by clicking the Erase button. You don’t have to have a friend who knows Photoshop or you don’t have to do away with less than perfect photos anymore because of SnapHeal. ‘Snaphealed in one click’ that’s what the developers claim and I must say I do agree with them as far as this statement is concerned.

This is looking up to one of the best apps of the year and will be worth the bucks to have it in your Mac.

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