Learn Important rules regarding Copyrights – Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging

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Learn Important rules regarding Copyrights - Do’s and Don’ts of Blogging

Copyright is a very important thing when it comes to content creating or blogging. Copyrights are to protect the rite of writers or designers. One must always be aware of copyright details before he or she decides to create a blog. This article will guide you through the do’s and don’ts of copyrights.

Read the paragraph below carefully

The content that is for publishing on internet is public and not protected. Anyone anywhere in the world can copy your work. One can freely use the content. Those who want to publish the content also want to share it with others. One can take the content to the extent of certification. If your content is not vaguely high-lighted as copyright, then anyone can take it and reuse it.

If you are into blogging activity, and also you are thinking rite now that the above paragraph mentioned is true all together, then you are doing something wrong regarding copyright laws. All points mentioned in above paragraph are false.

Mostly bloggers think that sharing content online or taking it from some other source is a very natural process, but in fact it is a dangerous practice. You can end up in a troublesome situation. Your hard work of years could be ruined just due to single copyright law breaking. All bloggers have to take guidance regarding copyrights; otherwise, they would fail in their work.

Creators have a right to live

To share and use content is good for those who create them, because It’s kind of a free charge publicity. Creators have chance to show their work to the wide range of audience they might get publicity due to this action. Some people have misconception that all content creators just publish their work freely for the audience and anyone can copy or use their work. But no one knows that what effort and what kind of hard work a writer, designer or a photographer puts up in order to reach a respectable post. That is the reason some laws are created regarding copyright.

Defining the copyright

Defining the copyright

Copyrights are lawfully legal rights that bloggers possess over the work they create. Copyright ensures and protects their property or work. Content creators have full right to decide who can and who cannot use or copy their work.

Few misconcepts regarding copyrights

Few misconcepts regarding copyrights

1. Registration of the content

Some people think that registration is very important to protect their content. Well… this is not true. As soon as the content is created, copyright laws start to apply. Copyrights are applied automatically. Nothing else is needed to protect your work. So you need not to worry once you have published it. It means that no one can copy your content without your permission. If someone does, you can definitely claim. You cannot use anyone’s work which is under copyright.

2. Copyrights have a time limit

Copyrights are not forever. Copyrights last till the owner is alive. After his or her death copyrights are not protected. This kind of work is included in public domain. This means that it is free to use thus public can utilize whenever they want.

3. Fair use

Fair use is an exceptional point. This rule can allow you to utilize some copyright works which are restricted. Fair use rule is usually used for those who need material for research work, journalism, criticism, news reports, education etc. However, you can use owners work for the cause of criticism. It is a smart rule. You have to play by the rules if you want to be a good blogger. People have a misconception that fair use is a rule through which can have access and they can reuse the content in anyway without any worry. Well… this is wrong. You can be in trouble due to this. This rule only applies under certain conditions. So, be careful!


There are a few rules which bloggers should follow in order to restrain any kind of trouble.

  1. Never use owner’s contents without his or her permission.
  2. If you decide to use the fair rule exception, then never try to be harsh or abusive. You must be aware of its limits.
  3. Have awareness regarding the work license. Use the licensed content only if the permission is granted.
  4. If you want to use the work of professionals then you should know that you will have to pay for it. This is because they live due to their work. So, they will be demanding money. If you cannot afford it, then it’s better to stay away.

Above mentioned rules, laws and points are helpful if you want to begin blogging. Before you start any work, you must know its do’s and don’ts. If you are not aware of all the details, then don’t start. It is better not to do something instead of doing it wrong and getting into trouble. Good luck!

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