Is the iZettle safe for Online Gaming?

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Is the iZettle safe for Online Gaming?

Online casino sites and indeed gaming sites in general have had a tough time in the last few years as they have sought to discourage would be hackers from getting into their servers and stealing valuable information belonging to gamers from all over the world. There are a number of different ways in which you can protect yourself but by far the most ingenious method is the use of a new device called the iZettle.

This handy little gizmo attaches to the bottom of your iPhone and turns it into a dedicated credit card reader. This means that whenever you’re in a pinch you can use the iZettle app to transfer money to wherever it needs to go, whether you’re doing some shopping, paying for more pokies spins at the Lucky Nugget online pokies online casino or even paying a bill. It’s lightweight and easy to use and adds tremendously to the feeling of security around your credit card, especially in riskier areas like in casino gaming.

It’s also good for gamers and shoppers in areas of the world where Paypal and similar services are not readily available. Information is a valuable commodity in today’s society and it can be a terrible blow to find that your credit card details have ended up in the hands of an online scam artist. The iZettle removes the threat of this kind of attack by putting the whole process in your hands. You hold the reader, you decide where the money is transferred to, and you decide whether it is safe or not.

Online gaming is now more popular than ever and it won’t be long before this kind of device is built in to some smart phones as standard. But you can get ahead of the pack by getting yourself an iZettle and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re safe from whatever the internet might happen to throw at you.

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