How to Design your own Applications for iPad?

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How to Design your own Applications for iPad?

The main problem mostly people face in creating iPad applications is its coding language, time consumption and also the creator will have to deal with the apple application store. But if you are a professional of web designing then you can build the applications without causing many problems to yourself.

iPad is a very modern and famous device now. No one can deny the fact that people enjoy working on it so why not create an application specifically for ipad.

This article is about the creation to develop a simplified form but very helpful iPad web applications in less time.

Why develop applications for iPad?

Those who are professionals mostly create the web applications for their own use but eventually that application comes under consideration of many other people who feel convenient to use it. So, keep in mind that there are many people out there who need different iPad web applications.

Also, ipad is a fascination for many other users as well. So, they expect people to create new and modern applications. Never underestimate your skills and abilities. If you are an expert, consider yourself a professional. You have to be confident. So, pick up the pen and start writing the application plans. Most of the things are learnt by experiences.

Set a goal:

Always set a goal or a full fledge plan before developing an application. Never say that you will do it just think about how will you do it. Make a plan write it on a paper. Read it, revise it and see if any changes are required there. Challenge yourself, think outside the box and be creative. Make something that is useful for you and also other people.

Ask yourself a few questions:

There are few questions that you should ask or write down on paper for clarity.

  1. What exactly you want your ipad application to achieve?
  2. What is your target audience?
  3. What wants you want to focus on for your audience?

Draw the plan:

As I said before, if you draw your plan, then it will turn out to be of your own benefit. Typing and drawing on computer is good too but writing and drawing with the hand will help you enhance you model and your ability to create a better and different application for ipad. After sketching with hand, start drawing its graphics on computer. You can use Photoshop and after effects.

You have to spend time on developing the application for ipad because it is high definition medium. One of the great things about ipad is that you will not have to worry about cross browser or cross device etc.

Few quick tricks for iPad:

The very first thing is that, all the designs should be at 768px X 1024px. It is the greatest resolution of the ipad. Ipad can display in the form of portrait and landscapes modification. You should know that where the scrolling should be. Don’t be afraid to take help from previous ipad applications.


When you want to create something new and different for the users, you should be opening minded and think outside the box. There should be no limitations when it comes to creativity. You must know that there are many possibilities in developing the web applications. Well… there are something’s in which you should stay in limits. You should know what ipad is capable of and what not. There are no flash objects for ipad. Ipad has no mouse cursor. Everyone knows that because it is totally touch screen.

Using the iscroll:

Scroll of ipad is usually not in control because it is touch. So, control the scrolling of ipad with iscroll application. This is a very useful application when you are designing your own application. This is to avoid the trouble in the way of web app development. Iscroll code is very helpful to work with.

Html5 for the development of offline applications:

For this kind of development, there are many tutorials available on internet. You can Google them and get started. Don’t take any kind of details which are not related to the process. Never be précised about your plans. Be opening minded and think about all possible creative things you can do it.


There is a problem with iPad web applications is that there are only native applications about which people know so, spread awareness for the publicity of your web applications. Spreading awareness is very important. Also, marketing and publicity is important. Tell your friends and siblings about the applications and spread the word regarding your applications.  GOOD LUCK!

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