Securing the WordPress from Malware Infections – Get Awareness Regarding Common Viruses

Securing the WordPress from Malware Infections - Get Awareness Regarding Common Viruses

Securing WordPress is some important task. If the WordPress is not protected, it might lead to several harmful aspects which would affect your business in a bad way. As wordpress increases its ways and chances of protection also increase. There are several plugins and themes for the protection of WordPress. WordPress’ core addresses all the issues clearly and quickly. Obviously the wordpress team, like every other team is conscious about maintaining its veracity.

Spreading awareness regarding wordpress

This article isn’t only about the awareness of wordpress security but also it will explain how to fight with the threats related to wordpress. It will explain what exactly you will need to secure yourself. It will also tell you about the harmful hacks from which usually the wordpress users are insecure, in what ways they can possibly get into this trouble? what the hacks do to your wordpress site?

This article will cover all the aspects of backdoors, hacks, and harmful redirects. Before you go any further, you must be aware that there is little anti-virus software which would state this article as malware. It might be because it has some code examples that are supposed to be avoided. This article has no malware itself. So, the report would be based on empirical analysis.

Increasing rate of malware infections

Web malware growth has been recorded up to 140% for past few years. Also, WordPress has become popular regarding blog platforms and CMS, which powers almost 18% of the websites now-a-days. But the popularity makes it a targeted victim for web based malwares. No doubt popularity is a pleasant thing but it might lead to insecure wordpress users. The previous versions of wordpress and its theme and plugins precariousness mixed by the CMS popularity as well, made end users get into a mix which resulted in precarious websites.

New versions

The very first issue is the obsolete version of wordpress. It has been noticed that whenever a brand new version of wordpress is introduced, the users get some annoying messages. But most of them ignore that nag. Unprotected core in users isn’t an issue. WordPress core team is now well trained to roll out security patch clearly and efficiently. This reduces the exploitation risk but the wordpress users must update their installations. But the main problem is that users do not bother the message, they simply ignore it. They are very careless about installing the new updates. Recently, high profile hacking had been done on some Reuters site which has version 3.1.1 instead of the latest 3.4.1.

Themes and plugins

Insecurity and threat in plugin and themes is a different and important issue. WordPress has above 20000 plugins and they are still increasing. All the plugins are of different quality. Some of them include security loophole and some are obsolete. Most importantly, suppose all themes and plugins out of the repository which also includes commercial products. These commercial products are distributed as free on WAREZ site and these have malwares with it. Almost everyone’s favorite search engine is Google. But it has no good quality wordpress themes.

Hazards of popularity

WordPress is very popular. Up to 700 million websites has been found as utilizing wordpress in this very year. Popularity is good but this much popularity can be fatal. It means if by any chance some hackers find how to get into even one wordpress site, they would have millions of other websites as well. It is not necessary for them to hack those websites who are using the current version of wordpress. They can simply hack those who have been using the outmoded version of wordpress. This is the result of not installing the updates.

 Beware of the hackers

As internet is modifying day by day, hacking has also been modified like wise. When hacking started, it was only to show the technical prowess through manipulation of websites. This was to perform things beyond the thoughts of webmaster. Now-a-days, hacking is just about money. Another hacking technique has been found that is Malnets. This malware network is used for things like theft, Dos attack, spam distributions, drive-by download and many more.  The hackers systemize the attacks to expose at maximum rate.

Kits for protection

Automation by using bots isn’t their sole systemization. The malware automation is using tools to rapidly generating payloads which is some infection. This allows the hacker to maintain focus to have accessibility to the environment. Once the attacker has got accessibility, they can easily copy-paste in the auto generated payloads. Another more common automation tool is black hole exploit kit. This kit and there are also several other kits which you can purchase online at a reasonable fee. Fees will also include sustainment services which keep the kits up-to-date with new tools and versions.

WordPress Antivirus Plugins

1. AntiVirus

Securing the WordPress from Malware Infections - Get Awareness Regarding Common Viruses

2. Paranoid911

Securing the WordPress from Malware Infections - Get Awareness Regarding Common Viruses

3. WP Security Scan

Securing the WordPress from Malware Infections- Get Awareness Regarding Common Viruses

4. Replace WP-Version

5. WordPress File Monitor

Securing the WordPress from Malware Infections - Get Awareness Regarding Common Viruses


In order to save your wordpress from malware infections and other insecurity, you must keep yourself up dated regarding the new tools and equipment. This will keep your website away from harmful attackers and hackers which are attacking every now and then.

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