Modern Age and Web Development – New Flairs and Equipments

Modern Age and Web Development - New Flairs and Equipments

1. Web Development

The web is developing fast with the passage of time. Every time you will start a new project, you will find out that there is a new technology, a new version of software, a new application or a new improved browser. Modern web development is also very fast.

2. Mobile first

Lately, mobile first designs have been very popular for the applications. This IS like a new trend. So, the applications have been designed can be of large or small screen. Mobile design force to frame the feature of applications on smaller screens. Through this the applications created by different people have only been limited to the mobile phones. The larger and new versions of the same applications are also created for the desktops as well.

3. Large and small screens

While designing for the large screens, you can get a lot white space that should be filled with feature. If you are starting with the small screen, then it is very easy to maintain focus on the core of your apps. If you design on a smaller screen, the feature will also be smaller obviously. Smaller features have been in web trend for last few years due to the mobile applications.

4. Fastest web applications

If you are thinking that Google is the fastest web application today then I would say that I doubt it. The fastest web app is a blank page. It is strange but it is true. Blank page counts as a web page too. If you add more and more web page, then it will get slower. Mobile first design applications refrains from getting the bloat. It will allow you to maintain your app smaller and faster.

5. Responsive web design

Another development which is just like mobile first design is responsive web design. It was also developed to fix desktop size web applications on mobile size web applications. Responsive web design is a technique to create multi sized representing of the web application.

6. Applying CSS rule

CSS3 feature is used by the core tech. this will allow you to implicate CSS rule matching the queries you will set. The common media queries are utilized for the determination of the size of view port of browsers. It makes it easier to take a current desktop website apps and thus making it mobile friendly.

7. Know the applications better

It is very important not to utilize the media query if you are not aware of the applications.

Responsive web design is perfect if you use it as a technique while you are aware that you will be building a web application which you need to scale by the size of the screen.

8. Transitions in web pages

Build only single page applications are not that modern. Single web page can operate altogether in a one page. Transitions of traditional web pages are from one page to the other. Remote server generates each page in a dynamic order. The delivered web pages to your browser are fairly static and don’t contain a lot programmatic logics for the processing of interaction and the data to be fed to the page.

9. Increasing faster and better browsers

Single web page application as compared to programmatic logics and computations to the browsers off loads more than any other. Server will not assemble the web page for you in single web page application. The only interaction that will be among the browsers and the servers will be the data exchanging which is required to run applications. This can also occur without refreshing and reloading of the page. The increase of better and fast browser has made things easy than ever before for designing and building a single web application. Web frameworks and JavaScript has also grown in past few years.

10. Creating your own apps

Another important development is that you can make your own application. But there is no use of creating your own application if you are not going to use for yourself. The applications that are used for some purposes are best ones. You shouldn’t develop something just for the sake of boasting off that you have it. REST APIs have many opinions which are a problem. Applications should be pragmatic. This should be for a specific purpose.

If you are not going to use your own application then why would you expect anyone else to do so?  So, use it more so you will develop its features. As you use your applications you will get to know the flaws and you will know what improvements you need for the application. Web development will keep on changing over time so you also need to be aware of the changes and variations so that you could learn more and apply more to improve your applications.


In next few years there will be more browsers, more search engines and more applications for both web and mobile. There will be huge changes in computer and web technology and networks will be increased to a large extent. Web development is one of the greatest developments in the history.

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