Focal Points in a UX Design, Playing with User’s Psychology

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Focal Points in a UX Design, Playing with User’s Psychology

Internet users are always in a hurry and they don’t have much time to spend on a website in order to understand it. Web designers have very little time to impress visitors of their website and enhance the user experience so they need to make sure that they design a website which can attract visitor’s attention and make them stay on the website for long. At the same time, user should be able to look for whatever they are trying to find, instantly. There are numerous ways to do it but one of the best ways to do it is with focal points.

A focal point is basically a prominent section on any web page which is meant to seek user’s attention. It is a unique centerpiece of a website and is totally different from other components on the website that play a role in user experience. The reason behind having focal points on your website is to put emphasis on the most important aspect of the website and to convey the entire theme of the website in no time to the visitor.

Fundamentals of a Focal Point

Fundamentals of a Focal Point

Having a single focal point on your website is indeed a very good idea. There must be something on your website’s page which is more important than other points. All you need to do is analyze the important thing and then highlight it. However, make sure that focal point should always relate to the website’s main goal and entire theme. By seeing a focal point, visitor should be able to determine the reason behind your website’s existence. For instance, in the case of a website offering online printing services, focal points can help your visitor in navigate better and consume greater information in lesser time.

Having multiple focus points is also possible however; it is recommended that website’s should have one focal point so that the attention is not diverted to multiple points. If you have multiple focal points on a single page, you are actually diminishing the whole concept of having a focal point. Users’ won’t be able to differentiate between the most important and non-important.

If you have to have multiple focal points make sure that all focal points are distinguishable. Also, it would be nice if you can come up with a hierarchy so that you are able to define the most important focal point and then other focal points. You can adapt various techniques to distinguish them so make sure you do that in order to avoid any confusion.

Proper Placing of Focal Points

Proper Placing of Focal Points

When a user visits any website, he is bound to land on the homepage of the website so the first focal point should be at the homepage. However, a common mistake made by designers is that they create focal points only on the homepage and rest of the web pages is not given that much of importance. If you want to make things easier for the visitor, make sure you give at least one focal point on each page of the website guiding user about the most important aspect of that page. With the help of that focal point, user would be able to understand rest of the content of the website.

Focal Points on Different Kinds of Pages

Focal Points on Different Kinds of Pages


Websites either have a scrollable homepage or a non-scrollable homepage. If your website’s homepage is scrollable, make sure your focal point is not placed between the fold of the page. It should be on the top and in most cases; header is the best place for the focal points of the websites with a folding.

If your website is non-scrollable, you obviously have more freedom when it comes to placing a focal point because you have the entire page. Whatever you do, make sure you place the focal points creatively and you do not have to do something extraordinary for this. Even a simple thing can be impressive so try to remain simple yet creative.

Ways to Create Focal Points

Ways to Create Focal Points

There are different ways to create focal points. In this article, we will be discussing some design elements which can help you in incorporating focal points in your website.

  1. Textual Elements

Typography is one great way to seek attention of the visitors on your website. But if you decide to create a focal point with the help of typography, you need to be very creative. Remember, entire website if filled with text so focal point’s typography has to stand out.

You can obviously play with colors, size, font and spacing of the text to differentiate focal point text with the regular text of the website. The typography on your website’s focal point can be huge, bold, properly labeled or font of different kinds.

  1. Graphical Focal Point

Illustrations are a great way to convey your message without having to add lots of description in it. Apart from easy explanations, graphical components are a great way to attract your visitor’s attention. You can also use illustrations to describe your website’s advantages in points. This process always works and remains in the user’s mind for a long time. Graphical components can also help you in highlighting the multiple focal points easily.

  1. Call-to-Action Button

Call-to-action buttons have recently gained a lot of popularity in web designing industry. We see huge buttons on every other website and the reason behind these huge buttons is simple; they attract attention. Although they help a lot in grabbing attention because of their size, make sure you don’t go overboard with their usage. Usage of buttons should be simple and clear.

  1. Extra/White Spacing

Instead of getting into too much of creativity and elements, a simple white space can help you a lot in grabbing attention. Focal points created on the white space are bound to grab user’s attention instantly. One of the best examples of perfect usage of white spacing is of Apple. They use the white space in such a perfect manner that their main goal gets clear. White spacing means fewer distractions and less distractions means that user can easily focus on your focal point.

  1. Ornamentation

An easy way to distinguish your focal point from rest of the text is to decorate it. The decoration and ornamentation of your focal point is entirely up to you. All you need to do is use the basic elements of decoration well and later on you can work on the positioning of the focal points.


Every webpage has something important to offer and it needs to be highlighted. Creating focal points to highlight the important area of your website is not that difficult. All you need to do is implement a way that suits your website the best. This way you can easily create a focal point and help your visitor in understanding the most important aspects of your website or that particular webpage. Never ever ignore the important of focal points because we all know that internet users do not have enough time to stay on your website and understand the whole theme behind your website. They have obviously landed up on your website because they were looking for some information. Focal points should be able to inform the visitor if they are at the right place or not. So, while you are designing the website, focus on creating proper focal points.

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