Zurker – Where You Own Your Social Network

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Zurker - Where You Own Your Social Network

The phenomenon of social networking has changed the face of human to human social interaction with different social networking websites. Nowadays, the Internet is inundated with a number of social networking websites built upon different concepts and catering to different target audience. Although many of these are immensely popular among the masses, however, all of them have some drawbacks and issues being faced by its members, most important of which is privacy. Owing to this, some brainiacs sat down together to develop a unique social networking website that will not only be full of a number of great new features but will also keep the privacy of its members at its utmost importance. And so Zurker came into being, a wonderful new social networking website that makes you the owner!

Eager to Know About Zurker?

Eager to Know About Zurker?

For all those who think that Zurker is yet another egg in the basket of social media website, well they are very wrong. Zurker is not just a social networking website developed by adding more features to the existing concepts, Zurker, however, is a much more promising and secure. It does so in a way that unlike other social networking sites, you don’t just own your own data, on the contrary, you own the entire network (and with a little investment of your time) you are able to share the revenue as well.

Zurker, the Member-owned and Profit Sharing Website

Zurker, the Member-owned and Profit Sharing Website

The most out-standing feature of Zurker is that it not only dissolves the barrier between membership and ownership, but also shares the profit goodies with you. So unlike all other existing social networking websites where you share and expand your network with zero benefits to yourself, Zurker will pay you the righteous benefits for all your efforts. Say you have 273 friends on a famous social networking website and this circle keeps growing, however this does not good to you in terms of financial benefits. What Zurker does is that the more friends you invite, the more equity you earn, so that it becomes better and better, as more people join your network causing an increase in value. So, automatically when Zurker becomes more valuable, your stake becomes more valuable.

Moreover, in order to keep transparency in the process, Zurker upholds Open Books policy for all its members so that they can ‘actually’ be a part of the revenue game.

Some More Cherries to the Zurker Cake

When I say that Zurker is much more than just a social networking website, I actually mean it. Zurker has a good number of interesting features that make it future’s best social networking website. First of all, Zurker is driven by the concepts put up by its members, so it’s actually member-oriented in the first place. Secondly, it has a very suitable democratic approach and that its statistics are open to all members. Thirdly, it upholds the value of member privacy, never shares member information, has separate personal and business pages, and has almost no spam system. And last but not the least; Zurker has a much higher educational level of the members as compared to other contemporary social networking websites.

Why don’t you give it a try?

I can go hours and hours while talking about the wonderfulness of Zurker and its unique concept in the world of social networking. However, you will only be convinced by actually experiencing it. So let’s not waste a moment more and sign into Zurker, where you own your social network!

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