How to Design for Winning In-store Branding

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How to Design for Winning In-store Branding

If you are into in-store designing, you might understand the fact that it is definitely an interesting way of advertising but at the same time it is a difficult kind of designing. The set of problems that you face while ‘in-store’ designing can be tackled easily if you just learn to apply a few important lessons carefully. Today, in this article we will be discussing four things that designers have followed during in-store advertising and they have proved to be successful as well. Always remember, in order to be successful you need to learn from your own experiences and from others experiences as well.

Handling Multiple Parties

Handling Multiple Parties

Designers are often considered to be the nicest people because they have a habit of pleasing everybody. If someone is being critical about their designs, they will change it to please others instead of defending their designs. Now, I am not saying that all designers are like that but yes, a few are. There is another perception about designers which is that they are not very comfortable with communicating with people.

In most cases people who are not so social become designers because technology is what they are inclined to. However, in order to be a successful designer, you really need to have good communication skills because they are going to help you a lot. You will have to interact with different people and you might be leading team as well so in order to get the best out of your team, you need to learn to communicate properly.

As far as in-store designing is concerned, communication and interaction can be one of the biggest problems. In a store, you may find a good number of posters or displays that pop open from different brands. When multiple parties are involved in one project, things can get really demanding for a designer. The conflicts can arise due to the involvement of multiple parties and this can turn into a worst nightmare.

If you put yourself in a consumer’s shoe, you will realize that the most important thing that will click them is the overall packaging. When it comes to designing, you have to be very particular about your target audience. Since you are designing for them, they should be able to relate to the entire package that you are presenting them. The reason why in-store designing can be a challenge for you is that you need to make your client and the target audience both happy. But selecting fonts, colors, packaging, graphics which will make both happy is indeed a difficult task. While working on such projects, as a designer you would feel that you are being suppressed into two walls.

If you are passionate about your work, you will find ways out instead of simply refusing to work in such an environment. A real designer will be able to find real solutions. You can focus on the demands of both parties and search for the similarities in demands. As a designer you will design things in a way that the client and the target will have to compromise.

You should really work hard on this skill of yours. Never ever give up on a difficult situation. If you have to handle multiple demands, come up with a solution which is acceptable for all. You can do this by proper communication with all the parties involved and you will definitely get the desired results.

Capture the Minds

Capture the Minds

There is a lot of competition in the world. Next time when you go shopping just stand on aisle for a moment and look at all the packages of different products. Every brand owner is trying to advertise their product in the best manner. The reason behind having attractive brand names, logos, graphical images is that advertisers need to grab the attention of the visitor and they have very less time to do it. While you are designing, always remember that someone is trying to do exactly the same thing to give you competition. In order to beat the competition around you, you have to be nothing but the best.

Once you will realize about the difficult scenario you will be designing for, you will bring out the best creativity in you. You need to capture the minds of your target audience within a few seconds. When people come to any store, they are not there to hang out and have fun. They have a list of things that they need to buy and they just want to buy it and leave. For people who are in a hurry, you have to come up with something exceptionally well in order to grab their attention.

Your Website is Your Product

Your Website is Your Product

If you are into designing, you will be facing this thing every now and then. Whenever an internet user Google anything, he has hundreds of options to select from. Why should he choose yours? In most cases, users open a few websites and then scan them in a few seconds. They are likely to stay on the website that they find attractive. In the very few seconds, the content of your website won’t matter. A person will stay on your website if he or she thinks that your website looks great. Just like mentioned above, they will take a few seconds to decide whether they should or should not stay on your website. You need to design the website that is attractive and that can beat the heavy competition that you are facing from other websites.

Ways to Attract Your Audience

There are innumerable ways to grab your target audience’s attention when it comes to in-store designing. Let’s discuss the dew tricks that can do wonders for you:

  • Be precise in Your Message

The headline of your website should be more than enough for a visitor to understand what your website is all about. So, your message should be loud and clear but at the same time keep it precise and crystal clear. If your headline is not interesting enough, it won’t take user too long to go to the close button.

  • Visual Attraction

The message on your website is important but at the same time, the entire layout of your website is way too important. If your website is not pleasing to the eyes of the visitor he might not even bother reading your message. Get creative when it comes to designing. Do not use the tricks and techniques being used for years. You are creative designer for a reason so bring out the best creativity in you.

  • Read Your Visitor’s Mind

You can only design for your visitor when you are aware of what is going on in your visitor’s mind. Designers are good in designing generally but a true designer is someone who can give the visitor exactly what he has been looking for. In order to learn more about what your visitors think, try communicating with the brand owner. He can definitely help you a lot with it.

  • Believe in What You are Designing for

At times, designers fail to design something really good because they hate the product. You won’t be able to design anything for a brand unless you believe in it. You are lucky if you have fallen in love with the brand that you are working for, naturally. But if you haven’t, try and learn more about the product.


The above mentioned tips can prove to be really beneficial for your designing. As a designer, you obviously love designing. But to bring out the best in you, you need to mix your creativity with research and reality to give the visitors and clients what they really need i.e., a fantastic website.

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