How to Attract More Eyeballs for Your Blog Posts

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How to Attract More Eyeballs for Your Blog Posts

Because of unlimited options available over the internet, bloggers need to make an extra effort to attract new visitors and retain the previous ones. If you have recently started blogging, promoting your blog and attracting visitors could be the most difficult part. Some people might consider blogging as an easy task however; it is the blogger who knows that blogging requires an untiring effort. Updating blog with new articles and keeping it active can consume a lot of time of a blogger and once a blogger has put in so much effort in his blog, it gets important for him to make his content reachable to target audience. Your blog is like the online equivalent of your business card printing efforts, you need to make it noticeable.

Apart from making an effort to put great content into your blogs, you will have to make a special effort to bring your blog into the limelight. Getting the right kind of exposure is very important otherwise all your effort will simply go down the drain because no one is there to read the content you have worked hard on. Getting more exposure for your blog is difficult but not something impossible. All you need to do is right things at the right time and in no time you will see your blog getting the limelight and the number of visitors you have always wanted.

Following are a few tips that will definitely help you in getting more exposure for your blog posts:

  1. Allow Visitors to Subscribe to Your Blog Via Email

Allow Visitors to Subscribe to Your Blog Via Email

Every blog must contain an option of RSS feeds. Apart from this, it is very important for you to allow email subscription to your visitors. A lot of internet users these days have so much stuff going on over the internet that it becomes difficult for them to take out time and visit each website to see the new updates. By giving an option to allow subscribing via emails, you are giving your users an easy way to stay connected to your blog. Offering email subscriptions is not something difficult so make sure that your blog has RSS feeds and email subscription option both.

  1. Take Advantage of Social Networking Websites

Take Advantage of Social Networking Websites

If you really want to find a good option to increase your number of visitors, you need to take advantage of social networking websites. Bloggers of this era are lucky to have facebook and twitter through which they can actually promote their blog and increase their blog’s traffic with absolute ease. Gone are the days when Digg was the only social website available. You need to stay active on facebook and twitter and promote your blog but make sure you do not overdo it. Since sharing is really easy through facebook and twitter, you can reach a large number of audiences simply with the help of few clicks.

  1. Target Social Media Sits Relevant to Your Field

Target Social Media Sits Relevant to Your Field

Apart from facebook and twitter, there are a lot of other social media websites available as well. There are a lot of websites running targeting specific fields. For instance, if you are a graphic designer, you have websites like DZone and the Web Blend to promote your graphic designing blog. If you belong to some other field, you can surely find websites relevant to those as well.

  1. Add Buttons for Easy Sharing

Add Buttons for Easy Sharing

If a visitor likes a certain pose on your blog, he should be able to share it without hassle. I have seen a lot of bloggers putting buttons for sharing but as mentioned earlier, you do not have to overdo anything. Initially, you need to add buttons for the most popular websites such as facebook, twitter and now Google Plus. Make sure you have these buttons at the top or bottom of your blog’s post so that visitors can share or promote your blog.

  1. Staying Well-Connected

When it comes to business, you cannot act like a loner. Staying connected, in the business is way too important. Good networking is a must in order to promote your blog. Promote others so that they can promote you. Collaborating with other bloggers of the same field can help you a lot in achieving your goal of getting exposure for your blog.

  1. Roll Out a Newsletter

Every big company has its own newsletter these days so that they can keep people up-to-date about the happenings of the blog. Email subscription will only reach out to the audience who have subscribed to your blog. But to get more exposure, you need to build a mailing list so that you can stay in touch with your readers and just in case someone is not getting time to visit your blog personally, this newsletter will serve as a reminder to them.

  1. Attractive and Unique Headlines

Coming up with catchy headlines can prove to be really beneficial. However, this is something that can be very natural for every blogger but it is worth every effort. People will only read your blog if they find something worth reading instantly and mostly internet users scan the entire page with the help of headings.

  1. SEO – Keywords Should be Used in Titles

In order to be able to reach out to the audience, you need to make sure that your blog is appearing in search engines and every effort should be made to improve search engine rankings. Make sure your page titles contain the important keywords so that search engines are able to detect your website. For instance, you are doing a post on printing or brochures or flyer designing or even inspirational business cards, you should have these keywords mentioned in the titles and sub-headings and the main text. In order to do this successfully, you need to do some good researching on the kind of keywords people will be using for the kind of blog you run.

  1. Link Old Posts with the New Ones

Link Old Posts with the New Ones

If you have been running a blog for sometime now, your old posts are not getting much traffic however; they are still worth reading right? To get new visitors to read your old posts, you need to interlink your new posts with the relevant old posts. Any extra information is always welcomed by visitors.

  1. Exchanging Links

Exchanging Links

Keep it limited but make sure that the link exchanging activity is effective. If you do not want to exchange links you can exchange tweets and sharing on facebook. This is going to double the exposure of your blog.

  1. Involve Other Bloggers

We all know that there is competition in the market but for beginners, you can involve other new bloggers in order to get a good exposure. You can simply create a series of posts with various bloggers and see the great outcome of this activity.

  1. Guest Writing

You can always write an article for other blogs. This is definitely one of the best ways of building name recognition.

  1. Be Unique

Do not post articles that everyone is posting. Yes, writing on the hot topic is definitely a good idea but make sure that you are writing it in a unique way. Audience will love reading something that is not only interesting but different from other blogs.

  1. Update Your Blog Posts on Regular Basis

Update Your Blog Posts on Regular Basis

Updating your blog and posts is way too important to let people know that your blog is alive, active, up and running. If people do not see any activity on blogs for a few days, they tend to turn towards other blogs. You have to make your visitors stay and for this you need to give them something new every time they visit.

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