How-To Transform Facebook Profile to a Commercial Page

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How-To Transform Facebook Profile to a Commercial Page

Today its age of information and technology and almost every person who has a little bit awareness to use technology must avail the benefit of social media. Today all and sundry use social media for their specific purposes and in this regard Facebook is the part and parcel of social media and nobody can refuse from the importance of Facebook. Every person use it as he want, for the reason that it play an important in communication. You can make more friends all around the world and stay in touch with your family on the other hand you can also use Facebook for your business purposes as well. If you are a business man you must have a desire to expand your business in this regard Facebook plays an important role.

That’s why I decided to provide you fruitful information on how can Facebook prove part and parcel for the business man and how we use it in a commercial way. For example printing, flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters, booklets, rack cards, calendars are most important tools for business. Here I’d like to say that nobody Facebook has its own status that’s why it’s I say not hard to commercial use of Facebook. So, you can get as many advantages out of it as you want below you can see how to transform Facebook profile to a commercial page. If done correctly the transformation can be like a successful flyer printing campaign and expand the reach of your business.

Manage you Conant

First of all I’d like to say that the content of your Facebook account should be available for all the time because now you are going to make a commercial page for Facebook. In this regard you have to manage your content. The business material you have to present in your profile the basic principle will remain the same. So your first step in this regard is to download completely content you currently have there. You can catch this option under “Account Settings”. This will contain photos, “likes” written bios, wall posts and all prior Wall activity as well. It’s the first step and you must do this perfectly if you provide a quality product you’ll also get a fruit out of it.

Take Attention in Your Page

The second option in this regard is you must have to change your attitude about your page for the reason that now you are going to transform Facebook profile to a commercial page and in this activity must spend your most of the time and it’s also important for you. Here you are not able to make more friends but you can promote your page with your Facebook fans because now you will be impending people as a brand. You also should include some interesting things to attract people when people will aware about your page they like to come again and again and you’ll become famous among people.

Make Some Publicity

At present the important step is that you have to do some publicity or advertisement because if the people will know about your business they will come in this regard your Facebook friends will play an important role. So, I would for myself recommend writing the first statement in a note and tagging them all if that is possible. If you have as well many people on your list to do that, then drop a status update that guides them to the note. From there, you are able to make infrequent reminders via status messages about the coming conversion. So, request them to ask you any questions till that point, so there is no misperception as well. So, there is an on option Facebook where you are able to start the migration. Facebook makes it pleasant and simple, starting with the selection of a category and subcategory for your business. So, before you do publicity you must have done all the activity. If a visitor doesn’t found his required content then you’ll give the very bad impression and it’s not good for you as well as your fame.

Final Customization

It’s the last step in this regard and if you do this perfectly it leaves everlasting impression for every reader. In this regard you have to do that when your business page has been set of connections, you can start to arrange the page itself, over and above the info you place on it. So, the first thing you want to do is create a custom username, which can be done by choosing Edit Page > Basic Information > Create a Username. On the other hand also keep in mind that this name is everlasting, so it should be cool to remember and pertinent to your business. As of that point you are able to draw to halt your downloaded info and get start using whatsoever you like to rebuild. Similarly you can also put all new content where on earth you like.


So, in the end we can say that to make a commercial page on Facebook isn’t hard now. All above info is quite easy and it’s also trouble-free when you are going to do on Facebook. You can make a commercial page on Facebook and transform your business from dark to bright. There is my research work behind this activity and if all above guidelines will be fruitful for it’ll be honor for me because all the above activity is just for you. As usual I’d like to say that don’t forget give your comments…

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