Wazala Shopping Cart – Sell Online With Ease

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Wazala Shopping Cart - Sell Online With Ease

In the merchandizing industry, it is inevitable not to sell online. Many big and small product manufacturers, and even the service providers these days prefer to have an eCommerce website or an online store within their company website. Having an online store expands the horizon of sales potential two folds as the Internet gives you the opportunity to target a large variety of audience. However, there are some companies and individuals who avoid having an online store just because they think the process is too complicated and requires coding knowledge. To such people, I would like to introduce Wazala, incredible shopping cart software that will make ecommerce easier than you can imagine.

c that even a lay man without any prior know-how of web technology can handle its features and add the online store or shopping cart to his website. Getting started with Wazala is so quick and easy. All you have to do is to paste some lines of code in your website, and you are ready to run. Wazala gives you to benefit of having your own page at the website i.e. yourcompany.wazala.com or you can add it to your own website, as well as a customized domain name. All of this is achievable in a few clicks.

Wazala Features

Wazala Shopping Cart - Sell Online With Ease

Wazala ecommerce software is made for the users and greatly focuses on better user experience. Therefore, it comes with a number of beneficial and useful features which are as follows:

Wazala Touch
Wazala Touch focuses on the mobile commerce experience. With every account, the users get an application-like mobile optimized look for their online store. Wazala Touch has the ability to detect the browser and formats the store to the optimum experience based on your phone’s browser. It is also well optimized with touch features for iPhone and Android devices so that the buyers of your products can access your services on the go.

Wazala Store Button
Wazala believes in ‘less is more’ thought and therefore comes with an elegant and minimal web design that goes with almost every website layout or blog theme. The little red Wazala store button works in a way that when a user clicks onto it, your website dims and the store opens in the form of a light box on top of your site. You can also have your online store embedded into a page of your website and of course you can opt to use your own button design.

Digital and Physical Product Selling
Catering to different requirements of the customers, Wazala enables you to sell online digital and physical (shippable) products via the same online store. Wazala efficiently handles the delivery of all digital goods and comes with security options to place an expiry date for the purchased product and limiting the number of times a buyer can download certain digital product. This feature is highly useful for merchandisers and visual and multi-media selling companies and individuals.

Multiple Modes of Payment
Wazala is integrated with multiple modes of payment for its customers to receive payments from widely used payment platforms from all over the world. Wazala is equipped with PayPal, Google Checkout and Authorize as well as the ability to offer a pay later option for offline payments.

Wazala and Social Media
Integrating your ecommerce website with different famous social media sites is very important these days. Wazala knows this fact very well and thus it allows you to add the store to you Facebook business page, gives you a share link on Facebook, Twitter, along with email capabilities with every product. Wazala also just launched the ‘social promoter’ where recommendations are offered as posts based on actions you take in your store. This feature allows you to market your online store on social mediums easily and increase your potential of getting noticed.

Not convinced enough? Pay a detailed visit to Wazala website and experience the best online shopping cart software that will make you sell online with ease!

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