Tutorial for Web Designers – Instruct Your Clients

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Tutorial for Web Designers - Instruct Your Clients

During running a web design accommodation, it’s essential to keep in mind that your clients are part and parcel of your business. There are a lot of the types of your clients and most of the clients are unaware about this job you just have to work with them despite the fact that maintaining a great relationship with clients is tricky. As web designer, to educate our clients and set expectations and draw to a close every project with the satisfaction of both extremes.

Let suppose client gives you a project and you start without of any question after this it is possible you have to face a large number of troubles. If, a web designer make the website without any question with client you might face the troubles like design rejection, bashing, re-designing, Rejection again, Personal favorites, Re-designing, Approval, Last minute changes, etc. You can even include tips for your clients on your next batch of business card printing. Just list them on the back side of the business card. usually there is a simple and straight forward sketch appears in our mind about the project like;

  • Client move toward you.
  • Invite you to design his website.
  • You design the website.
  • He pays you for your job.
  • Off you go.

Now, we can say that the good understanding with your client is very important for the growth of your business as well. However, there is one way with which you can turn irritating design process into a more pleasant experience for yourself and the client as well. Educating your clients isn’t hard on the other hand it’s an easy job, but it’s a hugely main part of any project. So, the following tutorials are black and blue useful for every web designer and able enough to transform your business from dark to bright.

Make your Standard – Not as a Manual Worker

Tutorial for Web Designers - Instruct Your Clients

Every professional and creative person never brings down his standard in every condition and in this post we are also talking about a creative and professional web designer. First of all you just make your client understand that you are a creative professional web designer with the same talent, skills and experience that any other professional web designer might have. It means that they usually treat web designers as additional room of their own minds, it’s not good.

Because of this false-observation about web designer, clients often take us creative professionals are manual worker who were born to do their own work and nothing else, not experienced professionals that are an equal part of the design process. So, when you start your project with a client you just make it clear that you have equal rights the same as they have, and that you need time for yourself, your family and all other belongings in the world.

You are a Professional

Tutorial for Web Designers - Instruct Your Clients

Keep one thing in your mind that you are a professional and you have equal talent as other web designers have. The idea behind this lesson is this: previous to a project begins, it’s important to set up that you are an expert and professional in your field that your opinion is ashore in research and professional experience. Why? Because most of the clients just assume that because they’ve opened up Photoshop, or made a flier with Microsoft Word, and they considered themselves as a designer.

So, you just have to make aware to your client that you are not a green person in your field of web designing. Sometimes, simply hearing the balanced behind a design decision is enough to be reminiscent them that you’re the expert. Show examples of other victorious and successful sites that are using a certain technique that you’re also using in your design.

Importance of Communication

Tutorial for Web Designers - Instruct Your Clients

Mostly a designer doesn’t do any kind of communication that’s why most of the projects reject by the client. Lack of communication a web designer can frequently destroys a complete project. As a designer, you don’t have a magic stick to read the mind of your client because you are a designer not a magician. So, explaining the importance of communication like on facebook or any other kind of communication is vital for a designer.

This is a only one of its kind problem for web designers so, explaining at the start of your project that you will need regular communication from the client’s end throughout the whole design procedure its important for you as well as for client. Regular communication among the designer and his client will help turn out a better product within limited time.

Changing in the Design at the End of Project

Tutorial for Web Designers - Instruct Your Clients

Most of the clients never satisfied even with the best job of the designer they always want to do some kind of transactions in the design. According to the client changing the color from red to black might seem a minor or miniature job. However, what they don’t know is that you might have to go back to the source files, export all the slices, modify the style-sheet, modify some other details to complement the new color, and the list goes on. At this position, you just need to make your client realize that there is no such a thing as one small change.

Now there’ll be a question in the mind of all sundry that how to we change this kind of attitude of the clients, simple! Just write out your modification rules in the contract. Clarify them in detail before mutually both of the parties sign the contract, and when problems happen later on, invite them to go back and read what they signed. This is the way to change the manner of your client, if a client want some changing in the design then rules are rule.

Set Reasonable time limit

Tutorial for Web Designers - Instruct Your Clients

Most of the clients want to get result about their project as soon as possible and it is also the nature of every client. When I ask order a cheeseburger or for any other thing else, I want it done quickly too. It is just because it is a nature of every client. So, in this regard every designer wants to get a reasonable time to complete his work and also check out all the steps seriously. Don’t forget that you are a designer not a machine; you should get a reasonable time limit from your client to complete the project.

Take the time to set project highlights and explain each one to your clients after the work. Explaining why you set the project highlights the way that you did can even help to educate clients about what it is that you’re doing at each step in the project, which should help with any communication problems as well.

To sum up

So, in the end we ca say that most of the clients are unaware about the complication of the design process and their behavior with the designer is also not good as it should be. So every designer have to take a step to instruct their client and the above tutorials are extremely helpful in this regard. One of the main challenges for any service-oriented business is to learn to manage clients successfully as well. I hope the instant tutorials will be helpful for the stricken web designers.

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