Explore the Different Avenues of Earning As a Designer

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Explore the Different Avenues of Earning As a Designer

Every profession has its own pros and cons. Well, same goes for the designing industry as I have seen a lot of designers earning really well. But, at the same time, I have seen a lot of good designers being out of work. Earning a living is getting really difficult with every passing day for every professional and same is the case with designers. The best thing about being a designer is that even if you do not get a full time job, you can still make money by becoming a freelance designer. The learning curve will include a full spectrum of design skills from logo design, website interfaces, and layouts for rack card printing design projects.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the methods that can really help designers in earning a living. Freelance designers have the ability to earn full time income but then again, I would like to mention here that a lot depends on circumstances as well. You must be a brilliant designer, but you can be out of work simply because you are not doing the right things at the right time. Let us take a look at different ways to earn a living as a designer along with their advantages and disadvantages:

Having a Good Clientele

Explore the Different Avenues of Earning As a Designer

The best way to earn living as a designer is by doing client work and by building a good clientele. Now, working for clients does not mean that you have to be at a full time job. You can even work as a freelancer and get a good list of clients who are willing to work with you. You can start off as a freelancer and once you have established yourself, you can simply go on and start your own design agency. As mentioned earlier, every method will have a list of advantages and disadvantages so let us discuss the good and bad things about earning through a client work.


Diverse projects
As a designer, you will get to work on a large variety of projects which is indeed a great thing. Doing the same kind of work can be really boring for creative people.

Expanding Your Horizons
Since you get to work with a lot of people, there is a lot to learn and the exposure to the field is fantastic.

Be Your Own Boss
You have an option to work according to your own rules. You can work for a boss or you have the flexibility to be your own boss by working as a freelancer.

If you are a social person, this should be your favorite method as you get to see, meet and know a lot of people.

Career Path
You can grow in designing field.


All Sorts of Clients
Meeting people is good but, you will be meeting all kinds of people and you can come across some really difficult clients. As a professional you will be always taught that a client is always right. So, going on like this can get really difficult.

Time or Money – Make a Choice
You will not really have a time for yourself. if you want to make money, you will have to sacrifice your own social priorities.

Full Time Designer

Explore the Different Avenues of Earning As a Designer

If you want a stable and sound income, the best way is to become an in-house designer. Big companies hire web designers for their own projects. You will be getting your pay cheques on time and you will not be dealing with a lot of people so that saves you from a lot of hassle.


Job Security
As mentioned earlier, you will have a sense of security and you won’t be worrying about not being able to pay your bills because of an instead income.
Proper Attention
Since you would be working on a single project, you will have enough time to focus on that single project and do your best.


Less Creativity
You will not be able to fulfill your desires as a designer because you will have a fewer opportunities to be creative and different.

No Options or Choices
Whatever comes your way, you will have to select it. You will have no option to make choices about the projects you would want to work on.

Theme Templates Designer

Explore the Different Avenues of Earning As a Designer

This is indeed a great method to earn a living as a web designer. You can simply make template sales and earn your living and this brings a very sound income. This can be a great opportunity if you are just starting off.


Own schedule
You will not be working on a boring 9-5 job as you will have an advantage on working on your own schedule.

Full-time Income
Even if you won’t be working as a full time designer, you will be earning a full time income.

More Opportunities
This will bring in a lot of opportunities for you.


After Sales Service
Customer service can really consume a lot of your time.

No Income at All
It can work both ways. Either you can earn really well or you can have no income at all.

Since it is a growing industry, you will be facing a lot of competition.

Blogging Designer

Explore the Different Avenues of Earning As a Designer

We all know that blogging has become really popular these days and even designers are earning really well. They can write articles on designing or even post a few templates.


Working under your own schedule and according to your own convenience can be a great thins and blogging is very flexible.

Numerous Opportunities
Running your own blog can make you a well known designer and blogger and this could bring a lot of opportunities your way.

A Record of Everything
A blog is an asset because it is a record of everything.


Difficult way
Not every designer can earn a full time income from blogging.

Less time for designing
If you would concentrate a lot on your blogging, you won’t be able to focus a lot on your designing.

Always on the Outlook
You will always be working really to find a new content.

Website Designer Site

Explore the Different Avenues of Earning As a Designer

Website is again a great way to sell template designs. All you need to do is set your own membership based site and post templates of your web designs. You can sell your templates and earn a good living.


Recurring Income
Once you have established a good member base, you are sure to have a good recurring income.

Your Own Choices
Not only you can work on a variety of projects, you can even make your own choices.

Income with flexibility
The best advantage of having your own website is that you will have flexibility of working according to your convenience. Along with that, you can really earn good money from this website provided the fact that you are doing the right things at the right time.


On Look for New Resources
You will have to find new resources all the time.

Tough Competition
Because of the growing popularity, you will have to go through a tough competition to be successful and to survive.

Initial Investment
You will have to invest money and time initially. There are chances that you may not become a big name in this field so all your investment might go down the drain.

Final Thoughts

Designing is not just about making money from flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters, or calendars etc, and it neither revolves around printing and web designing. There are a number of different and unique way with which the designers can earn a living. These avenues of earning have their respective advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the individual and his circumstances as which avenue best suits him. The point is to give your best to your work and learn the ways to be successful in your field.

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