How Can Older Clients Be a Source of New Business Generation

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How Can Older Clients Be a Source of New Business Generation

In order to make your product a success, good quality is important. It’s about brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards, posters or any printing material, quality is the very first thing that your client wants and notices about you. However, the most important thing is reaching out to your target audience. You can have the best product in marketing but with a poor marketing strategy, your product can suffer a lot. Sale is all about numbers which is exactly why you should be concentrating on both i.e., good quality product and an outstanding marketing strategy.

While developing a marketing strategy one has to keep a lot of things in mind. The first thing that you need to focus is on what kind of people are included in your target market. In marketing strategy, correct positioning of your product is very important otherwise a great can product can suffer real badly. While younger clients may bring you more web and mobile design projects, older clients may bring you more design projects for tangible marketing like brochure printing, flyers, and postcards.

Have you ever thought what the life blood of any business is? Some people think it might be new innovations, technology or quality. They all are wrong because the correct answer is customers.  We all see great products with low sales and low products with great sales. The major reason is good and bad marketing strategies. It is certainly a great thing if your clientele is increasing day by day> Even if it is, you still need to keep in mind the clients who have been loyal to you and your product throughout. You can definitely get new business from old clients but for that you need to work on your marketing strategies. Following are a few ways which can really help you in getting new business from old clients:

Find the Right Balance

How Can Older Clients Be a Source of New Business Generation

We all have experience this at some point of time that why selling something, company gives you a king like luxurious treatment but once the sale has been made, a lot of companies even big ones are seen and noticed to ignore the importance of customer service and customer relation. If you have a long term plan for your business, then you will have to change the way you treat your customer after the sale has been made. Formers customers should always be there to back you up and give you a new sale every now and then.

Also, people always share their good or bad experiences and if your former clients have good views about you, they will definitely refer you to a lot of people which will bring you new sales. Always avoid doing anything which can result into loss of a customer. So, you need to find the right balance between your old customers and your new customers and make sure that you treat both of them equally.

Enlisting of All Your Important Former Clients

How Can Older Clients Be a Source of New Business Generation

A successful business person will always have a record of every customer he has made a sale to. You will have plenty of business cards, invoices and what not which can help you in sorting out the names and contact information of your favorite clients. Even if it takes a day or two, give and get everything organized. Do look for clients, friends, colleagues in your email inbox as that can be the best source of finding your old clients and your new potential clients as well.

As mentioned earlier, any customer can be a source of new sales via referrals so treat all of the good even if you are not getting anything out of them now.

Different Ways to Stay in Touch

How Can Older Clients Be a Source of New Business Generation

With the advancement in technology, there are numerous ways to stay in touch with your clientele. Obviously you cannot go and meet everyone personally so the second best thing you can do is give your clients a phone call every now and then to remind them of yourself and your good work and just to catch up on what they have been up to.

Also, people do end up ignoring emails or at times they are overlooked but phone calls are a little hard to ignore. But if you think calling clients personally will cost you a lot a time, you can then opt for sending emails to your clients. You need to come across as friendly as possible so send emails, make calls but be balance in everything. You do not want to annoy your clients do you?

Do not Find Specific Reasons

How Can Older Clients Be a Source of New Business Generation

At times, a sales person simply do not contact former clients because he if constantly looking for a reason to call them. You do not have to find specific reasons to call a former client. You can simply call them to ask how they have been. You just have to stay in their mind and after that if they need your services, they will definitely contact you. Once you are aware of their current situation, you can inform them about any discounts or other tempting offers you have introduced. If they do not have anything to offer you currently, they can at least refer different people to you.

Avoid Extremism

How Can Older Clients Be a Source of New Business Generation

Too many emails and too many phone calls to former clients can annoy them. You need to find a perfect balance if you want to make a call or send an email. Avoid doing both because too much of your contact might make you appear as desperate and most importantly, once you annoy a client, you have lowered your chances of having them back on your sale board to pitch a sale. So, avoid going to extreme of phone calls, SMS or emails.

Come up with Irresistible Offers

How Can Older Clients Be a Source of New Business Generation

The best way to get new business from old clients is to offer them something really irresistible. Offer them something they cannot say no to. You can even offer exclusive discounts just to bring them back towards your business. People are always on the look for new deals; discount offers so why not give them one?

Make Sure You Involve Your Old Customers in Your Business

How Can Older Clients Be a Source of New Business Generation

I am not telling you to offer them a job or give inside details of your business to them. Make your most loyal customer feel special by doing something for him. You can ask satisfied clients to post their testimonials on your website so that others can read and can trust you. Remember that you need to give them respect and make them feel special in order to have a long lasting business relationship with them.

Keep Things Simple

How Can Older Clients Be a Source of New Business Generation

Your former clients are obviously used to and remember your previous offers. So do not confuse them by bombarding them with all the new information. Keep things simple and above all keep your marketing strategy simple too. People should be able to understand what you are trying to say. Simplicity is always the key to success so keep things simple, have a nice and simple tagline.

Final Thoughts

With the fast paced world, people have become so busy in making new customers and serving the current ones that they do not have time to give importance to people who have helped them in succeeding. Even if your business is doing great, you still need to get business from your former clients. People won’t start buying your product as soon as it hits the market. You need to reach to the first so look for new clients, give importance to old ones and come up with the best marketing strategy so that you can generate new sales from old clients as well.

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