Depositphotos – The Realm of Free Stock Photos

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Depositphotos – The Realm of Free Stock Photos

The best thing about Internet is that it provides you with so many great things in life, absolutely free. People from all walks of life take advantage of different free stuff over the Internet according to their respective fields and requirements. Likewise, Internet has a number of great gifts for the designer community and one of its best blessings is

Depositphotos is an incredible website providing an array of free stock photos and stock vectors. Unlike many other stock images providers, Depositphotos gives you a wide variety of high quality and creative images that are highly suitable for all kinds of designers, advertising firms, photo editors and bloggers and in other such businesses.

Incredibly Inexpensive

In the world of growing competition, when you are provided with quality stuff, inexpensive or absolutely free, then it won’t be very wise not to go for it. The royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vector art available on Depositphotos come with the feature of being highly cost-effective for the buyers. Depositphotos is incredibly inexpensive and highly affordable for anyone who wants to buy stock photos without taking much out of his/her budget.

Ways to Buy from Depositphotos

Depositphotos – The Realm of Free Stock Photos

Depositphotos offers its buyers to opt from a range of different ways to make a purchase:

Credits is the simplest way of buy stock photos from Depositphotos. These are the basic units of currency equivalent to 1 USD and enable you to simply choose the images with their size to price ratio. Credits are also an easy way to upgrade your buying license at Depositphotos.

Bonus Images
At Depositphotos, we take special care of our customers and try to bring up interesting offers for them. Bonus Images is one such beneficial offer by Depositphotos that gives the buyer a Bonus image with every image you purchase using the Credits. For instance, you chose to buy an XXXL Image via the Credits facility, so in return of that you get a Bonus image of any size you want that gets credited to your account.

The buyers at Depositphotos can also use the Bonus Image to pay for any new image of their choice, absolutely free. All Bonus Images are entirely free and never expire till you use them in your design or use them to buy another image.

The second best way is to subscribe at Depositphotos by signing up at a very low price and get the opportunity to download up to 40 images a day. There are different subscription plans to cater to different needs of the buyers (which can even go to the unlimited package depending on your subscription).

The subscription offer is not limited to stock photos only, and you can buy high quality vectors through this option as well. By subscribing to Depositphotos, you save yourself some good time and money.

SMS Images
For the people who don’t have a credit card or the ones who don’t feel comfortable using their credit card online can avail the splendid offer of SMS images of Depositphotos. All you have to do is to SMS the number of your required images and Depositphotos sends that image to your online account to be downloaded anytime and in any size you want.

Although there are a limited number of images available for the SMS Image facility, however, you have the ease of downloading both vectors and JPEGs of the available stock.

The ‘Free Trial’ Option

Depositphotos – The Realm of Free Stock Photos

Depositphotos is more than just buying and selling free stock photos and stock vectors. It has more to it than any other stock images provider in the form of ‘Free Trial’ option. In order to encourage people to experience the difference and buy stock photos, Depositphotos offers you that once you subscribe to our services; you get to have 5 free stock photos and stock vectors for initial 7 days after the subscription. That makes a bundle of 35 free and high quality stock images altogether. Even then, if you are not satisfied by the services Depositphotos offers you to unsubscribe before it expires, and that too without any charges.

Sell Stock Photos

Like all other stock photos website, Depositphotos offers photographers from all around the world to sell their stock photos, however, unlike all other stock photo websites, Depositphotos gives the best incentives and ease of use to the sellers. The selling process takes three simple steps and you can upload as many images as you want at Depositphotos.

Next time you plan to buy stock photos, make a detailed visit to and experience the incredibility of the website yourself, because you cannot pull off a deal as good as this one!

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