Website Redesigning – Look Before You Leap

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Website Redesigning - Look Before You Leap

It is natural for every human being to desire change and it is indeed a very important aspect of anyone’s life. Stagnancy in life can have very negative impacts of an individual. This is exactly why human beings are constantly in search of something new which can bring a positive difference in their lives. This is not applicable for the daily events of life but everything associated with it. Websites have become an important aspect of promoting one’s self of business to giving them a new look and a little bit of redesigning is very important to keep it fresh and alive for your visitors.

Either you design brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards or a website, as a designer, you should try to make changes in your work every now and then. Especially foe a web designer, there should always be something new for the visitors of your website. Do not think that your website is perfect and would not require any change in years, there is always a room for improvement. However, it is easier said than done, as demanding a change is easier than brining a change. It is a fact that redesigning a website will require a lot of effort on your part because changes won’t come with the help of a magic wand! Make sure you consider your entire marketing package. Your website should compliment other marketing efforts like mailing print postcards, and handing out brochures.

If you are planning to redesign your website, you need to develop ideas in your head first and then work on them practically. As a creative person, being imaginative can be of great help so imagine and visualize what you want and then go for it. Following are a few things that you need to keep in mind while redesigning of your website so that you improve it instead of making a mess out of it:

Redesigning Is a Science

Website Redesigning - Look Before You Leap

Do not think that redesigning is easy as you might feel that it is a more daunting task in comparison to creating an original website. Most designers in their free time prefer redesigning their website as it makes a good impression in your portfolio. Also, redesigning keeps their creativity alive and is good for their market exposure as well.

As mentioned earlier, redesigning is not as easy as some people may think in fact; it is more of a science because you will have to work strategically. Making changes in something which is already up and running can be very tiresome. A designer has to think intelligently in order to incorporate new changes in the existing website. In most cases, I have seen a not so satisfied designer with the way his website looks but is also confused what and where to make changes. Always keep in mind that redesigning is not a compulsion so you should work on it only if you are ready to bring changes. With a confused mind you won’t be able to achieve what you really want.

Find out the Purpose behind Redesigning

Website Redesigning - Look Before You Leap

Well, change is important but a change is not welcomes by everyone. You need to find the purpose behind the redesigning of the website. When people start visiting your site regularly, they become used to user interface, tabs, layout and everything else included in a website. Sudden and drastic changes in your website may not be well accepted by a lot of your regular users. So make sure you redesign your website in a way that it does not affect the bond shared by you and your visitors.

Also, ideas can come up easily but proper execution of those ideas is way too important. Things may not turn out the way you wanted them to be and it can be really problematic for you and your website. So, before working on your ideas, make sure you have a proper plan. Change is not always for good and if things go wrong, you might end up messing the previous design of your website. So, whenever you decide to change, try to committed and bring a positive change in your website.

When Is It the Right Time?

Website Redesigning - Look Before You Leap

In most cases, designers make changes when they are free and have no projects on hand which is wrong. If you plan to redesign, you need to consider it a proper project and give it the attention and time you would give to any other project. So, when you have time and concentration, only then is the right to redesign your website. If you are already working on some projects which are very important and you have deadlines to meet, do not even think about redesigning your previous work. So, proper selection of time is important otherwise you will land up in trouble.

Your Opening Move

Website Redesigning - Look Before You Leap

As mentioned earlier, if you do not have a plan, do not start working on redesigning. If you are not sure of what you want, you might end up in a disaster. Also, when we talk about redesigning, it does not mean that every single tab and column should be changes in your website. Without any doubt, your first step is to plan and then take a step ahead.

Content of the Website

Website Redesigning - Look Before You Leap

Obviously, the first impression of your website would be the overall layout but, at the end of the day, a visitor is visiting your website because he is looking for some information. Never ever ignore the importance of the content on our website because this will make the visitor stay or leave. If you have a website which is information based, you need to make sure that new changes do not affect the content of the website. The text should be readable and the alignment should be well executed because presentation of the content is very important.

Visitors’ Feedback

Visitors Feedback

You have a website up and running because of the visitors so knowing their likes and dislikes should be among your priorities. It is always good to ask your visitors directly what changes they would like to see in a website. As a designer, it is your responsibility to bring the imagination of your visitors into reality by incorporating it in your website.

A Good Research on Your Competitors

Website Redesigning - Look Before You Leap

One should stay more informed about enemies in comparison to friends. You should do a good research on your competitors and find out the drifts and trends they are following. Once you are aware of their situation, you’ll have a better idea of the market and you can work hard to make your website even better.

Aftermath – Things to Keep In Mind Once You Are Done With the Changes

Every plan needs an action, so if you have been thinking, imagining, planning; you need to start working on the implementation of your ideas too. Once you have made the desired changes in your website you need to make sure if your website still gives the utmost importance to the branding. The website should highlight the product. Other than that the layout should look harmonious and consistent. You must be aware of wire framing, so at the end of the day you need to make sure that everything is falling to places.

Testing everything before it goes live should be a must for a redesigned website. Even if you have made little changes, you need to double check them and make sure if every link is working and redirecting fine.

Final Thoughts

Change is necessary but it is more appreciated if it is for good. Always keep visitors in mind because eventually you are designing the website for them and not for yourself. Therefore, for a website to be an instant call-to-action it is good to keep modifying it according to the needs and wants of your visitors. If possible, try to arrange a focus group discussion on the new changes and also, always have a backup plan of your new designs. Keep things simple and make little changes every now and then to keep your site fresh and better than the rest.

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