How to Make the Best Use of Technology in Web Designing

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How to Make the Best Use of Technology in Web Designing

Web design industry has gained immense popularity in past few decades. Since the Internet is now the best way to stay in touch with people throughout the world, having an online presence has become a necessity for every business person and also for a common man. When it comes to web designing, technology is inevitable. Infact, technology is the mere basis of web designing that has given birth to this phenomenon.

From having simple technology to be able to make web designs, web designers now have a lot of latest technology and techniques to make a good website and that too with less hassle. Technology has been driving web designing web industry lately and will continue to do so because of the ever growing needs. The basic objective of technology is to make a web designer’s life convenient and easy; however, it is entirely up to designer himself how to use the technology in the best possible way. Like updating business cards with fresh information, you need to continually update your web design skills.

Following are a few latest technologies which can prove to be really beneficial for web designers if used in a proper way:

Latest Web Markups – HTML5 and CSS3

How to Make the Best Use of Technology in Web Designing

Undoubtedly, HTML5 and CSS3 have been really popular among the designers recently. The good thing is that everyone is adjusting and improving with the new technology which is why modern web browsers have understood the importance of HTML5 and CSS3. Not only browsers, even big mobile phone companies such as iphone etc have made an effort to recognize the value of HTML5 and CSS3.

As a designer, if you want to become part of the main stream, you should be aware of such technologies and being aware is not enough. Proper usage is way too important and these two markups can be used in any of the current projects of web designers and it can make work better and convenient.

Web Typography

How to Make the Best Use of Technology in Web Designing

Web typography has recently gained a lot of popularity in web designing and is being widely used by designers. This has given a whole new direction to the fonts which are used in making of a website. Earlier, designers had a very limited set of fonts but now with the help of new web services such as Fond deck or Google font API has helped designers in coming out of the set fonts which are being used for years now.

This has not only brought a positive change but has also given designers a wide variety of typographic fonts to choose from. However, it is up to the designers’ own aesthetics to use the correct font which looks good, is readable and is harmonious with the website and its designs.

Mobile Web

How to Make the Best Use of Technology in Web Designing

The technology in mobiles is evolving like anything. Apple has recently launched iPad and now people have smart phones, android, Macbook Air and what not to stay n touch with everyone around the world. With the invention of such mobile phones, browsing has taken a new direction completely. Now people can access their emails and other websites with the help of wi-fi or any other network.

It is designers’ responsibility to design the website in a way so that it is compatible for all platforms, nevertheless of the browser or the device being used for web browsing. Designers can obviously design separate interface for iPhones and smart phones which adds a lot to the website’s usability.


How to Make the Best Use of Technology in Web Designing

JavaScript is an important part of web designing. Although, the technological development in JavaScript specifications has not been done to a great level but the importance of JavaScript in web designing cannot be denied. Web designers should have an idea of how to use JavaScript properly.

Functionality of the Website

How to Make the Best Use of Technology in Web Designing

A lot of designers focus more on the layout of the website instead of making sure that website is fictional and has an easy navigation. Usage of technology is always good but it should be used in order to make the visitor of your audience convenient and easy instead of making it complicated. Do not use technology in your website just for the sake of it.

Use it only when it is necessary because a user will come to your website for the sake of information and if he has problems in finding it, he will leave your website regardless of the fact if it has been made with the best technology.

When To Use Technology?

How to Make the Best Use of Technology in Web Designing

Technology is a blessing for web designers; however, it all depends on the person using it as when to use it so that it gives the best results. You can always use these high tech features as a web designer in order to create your website but your website should basically serve its purpose. Before you indulge yourself in the technological blessings for the web, you need to determine the purpose behind your website. If you are making an e commerce website, obviously the technology used will be a little different in comparison to what a normal website will use.

Final Thoughts

Technology has made lives of every human being easier. However, everything has its own pros and cons and same goes for technology. When it comes to web designing, technology has a lot of positive effects. It makes your work easier and enables you to produce best results in limited time. Many famous and call-to-action websites of the world owe their mere existence to technological advancements in web designing.

However, if you will go over board with technology, you might end up messing your website. Even as a designer, you should understand what technology is required and when. Do not use tit because everyone else is. Use technology if it is required in your project. Always remember, it should be used to make things simple as this is the purpose behind technology. Web designing can be very tough as merging creativity and technology is not an easy task. But this is exactly when you need to show your designing skills by making the proper usage of technology.

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