Tips to Develop a User-centric Website

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While developing a website any webmaster or designer should keep in mind the main purpose of the website and that is satisfying your users. A developer should concentrate more on users’ likes and dislikes rather than making a website of his own choice. Remember, your visitors will be responsible for making your website a success so they should be happy with your website. While developing a website, your every effort should show your dedication towards satisfying your visitor’s need.

There are many ways through which you can develop a user-centric website. First of all you need to learn about your target audience and what information or questions would bring them to your website. Your website should have a friendly navigation and a user friendly interface. Apart from that, the website should have all the answers to the questions of a visitor so that they are able to get a solution of their problem without going through hassle. Your print postcards and brochures should match your website’s appearance to help give a cohesive presence to your users.

Advantages of Having a User-Centric Website

As a developer or owner of the website, you need to learn about the advantages of having a user-centric website. Following a re a few websites that you will get if you focus more on developing a website for your visitors and not for yourself:

1. Repeated Visits

Tips to Develop a User-centric Website

It is obvious that if a visitor gets solutions to is problems, answers to his questions and any other information that he is looking for on your website; he will prefer coming to your website again and again if he needs to know anything. So, by developing a website which is user focused, you will get repeat visits.

2. Referral Traffic

Tips to Develop a User-centric Website

Mouth referral has become way to important these days as people do not have to time to search for things, they prefer visiting the websites which are referred to them by someone. One satisfied customer means multiple mouth referrals and unique visitors.

3. Inbound Links

Tips to Develop a User-centric Website

You can always get to have inbound links from others websites. Exchanging links is a good way to promote your website.

4. Good Impression

Tips to Develop a User-centric Website

Not only you will have a satisfied visitor, your business will get a good branding too as a nice website will put a good impression of your business in visitor’s mind as well.

5. Pleasant Experience

Tips to Develop a User-centric Website

Your website should give a pleasant experience to the visitor.

Also, keep in mind that if you want to come up with a user-centric website, money should not be a priority. You should give less importance to advertisements and more importance to your visitors. We have discussed the advantages of a user-centric website. For developing a website like this, you should have a good idea about your target market. Also, get a good knowledge of any questions that your visitors would have in their minds.

Tips to Develop a User-Centric Website

Following are a few points that would help you in creating a user-centric website:

Material of the Website

Tips to Develop a User-centric Website

The layout of the website is obviously important but the most important thing is the material of the website as, at the end of the day the useful content on your website will bring visitors to your website and not the good design. If you really your website to be a success, you should focus more on the content you will be providing on your website.

Now, the type of content obviously depends on your target market and what your website is all about. If you are a designer, your website will obviously help new designers to learn something new and interesting. If you are running a blog, you should try to cover all important topics or current happenings. Once you are aware of the type of content you want, you need to make sure that it is well written. Readers will only be scanning your content and will be judging the article through headings so make sure you use catchy headings and good content.

Allow Visitors to Interact With You

Tips to Develop a User-centric Website

Your visitor should always have an access to you so that they can let you know about their ideas or give you feedback. If is entirely up to you if you want your users to contact you after filling a contact form or you can also provide a general email address which is accessible to you. In most cases, website owners provide a link of ‘Contact Us’ under every page so that a user can contact them anytime.

You should also provide a comment box under every article. Give your users an option for open discussion and this bring very positive results for your website. If a user has addressed you in comments, make sure you reply to the users. This will not only make them feel important but you will also develop loyal visitors. You should keep your blog updated in order to keep your visitors updated.

Effective Navigation

Tips to Develop a User-centric Website

At times, designers are so busy in making a website look beautiful that they forget the importance of easy and effective navigation. This is one factor that should never be ignored as nothing frustrates a user more than not being able to find what he is looking for. Don’t make your visitor go in circles as he might leave your website and would never come back even if you have the best content.

Make sure that everything on your website is easy to found. There are a lot of pages on a website and all of them should be accessible through home page of your website. If a user has to dig in deep to get to a page, you have probably not provided an easy navigation. If you have a huge website, give your users a search option so that they can easily find what they are looking for. Also, the links on your website should be self explanatory so that users are aware where they would be taken if they click on a certain link.

Do Not Distract Your Users

Tips to Develop a User-centric Website

Your website should give a smooth running and easy navigation to the visitor. If there are distractions on your website, your user will not like it. Now, the distractions can be of various kinds. If you have a lot of pop-up advertisements, you will definitely end up irritating your visitor and instead of crossing out ads he will navigate away from your website. Apart from such ads, flash images, disturbing color combinations and any audio that starts without user’s permission can be very distracting and disturbing.

A visitor will like your website if he finds harmony and consistency in it. So use a nice font, good color combination’s and give an easy navigation. Now this does not mean that you cannot come up with a nice layout. Ofcourse you can, but do not forget to incorporate these things as well.

Get Analytics

Tips to Develop a User-centric Website

It is very important for you to know what kinds of users are visiting your website. You should be aware of the internet connection being used by most users, browsers being used and other important details like these so that you can make changes to your website according to the user’s convenience.


Good designing is directly proportionate to a good user experience. Either it is a brochure, a flyer, a business card or a website, no matter what you design, it the design should always be user-centric. The points mentioned above can prove to be very beneficial for your website as according to these points, your priority should be your visitor. As a designer you need to provide a visitor with everything they are looking for and give them a call-to-action. Therefore, keep the above points in mind while developing a website so that you can come up with a user-centric website.

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