Negative Criticism – How to Turn the Menace into Blessing

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Negative Criticism - How to Turn the Menace into Blessing

It doesn’t matter which profession you belong to, you will always have to face criticism. Positive and negative criticism will always be a part of your life so it is better to learn to handle it rather than running away from it. You will not only face criticism in your professional life, you will have to deal with it in your personal life as well. So, it is good to be open to criticism and not only that, you should be well prepared to handle any sort of criticism. In most cases, criticism is for your own good and it will help you in making improvements to your personal and professional life. However, you cannot face positive criticism always as you may become a victim of negative criticism as well. If someone critiques your business cards, learn from their comments and make adjustments with future designs.

It gets quite difficult for some people to handle negative criticism whereas, it is very important to handle such situation with dignity. But before we get into any details regarding handling criticism, it is important to understand what criticism actually is.

Understanding Criticism

Negative Criticism - How to Turn the Menace into Blessing

The general perception of criticism is negative as people judge your actions and work the pass comments on it. In today’s world, mostly people criticize to make other person feel bad about his efforts. It is entirely up to a person to handle the criticism positively and utilize it in order to improve this work. Criticism if of various kinds and people can criticize almost anything but mostly either it can be a positive criticism or negative criticism.

It is not that hard to differentiate between negative and positive criticism. If someone is suggesting you a little bit of changes in your project, he obviously wants you to improve it. Any criticism that will help in any sort of improvement is known to be a positive criticism. However, if someone is constantly trying to pull you down by negative remarks and telling you that your work is not up to the mark or just finding reasons to comment negatively is called negative criticism.

Negative Criticism

Negative Criticism - How to Turn the Menace into Blessing

When people are constantly discouraging you and are making deliberate attempts to harm you, might cause negative effects on your work as well. Do not let such people succeed by making you think that your work or projects are not worth anything.

Reasons behind Negative Criticism

Negative Criticism - How to Turn the Menace into Blessing

There might be a lot of reasons due to which people make others a victim of negative criticism.  One evident reason would be jealousy and envy. Anyone who dislikes you or is jealous of you will make every attempt to make you feel bad about yourself. They will make sure that you end up in trouble because if you do not know how to handle such negative criticism, people can kill you and your entire image in the market.

How to Identify If You Are a Victim of Negative Criticism

Negative Criticism - How to Turn the Menace into Blessing

As mentioned earlier, you need to be able to differentiate between negative and positive criticism. Positive criticism will always help you in improving and negative criticism will put you down. You need to identify which sort of criticism needs your attention and reply. In most cases, if you think someone is just being unreasonable with comments, simply ignore them as some comments do not even deserve a reply.

Advantages of Criticism

Negative Criticism - How to Turn the Menace into Blessing

See, as a human being, you will have to face criticism every now and then so running away from it is never an option. As you must know, everything has its own pros and cons so yes, criticisms too can have good and bad effects depending on how you will handle it. Following are a few reasons due to which you should be open to negative and positive criticism:

  • Trust Factor

Negative and positive criticism about your work will develop a trust factor in your target audience. If all good is being said all the time, people might end up thinking that it’s fake. So, a proper balance of good and bad comments will be appreciated by your audience.

  • Helpful In Making Decisions

Criticism can be taken positively be naming it feedback and feedback can help you a lot in improvements. You can make changes according to the people you are working for by reading and implementing what they want. So, criticism can actually help you in making strong decisions.

  • Unintentional Help By Criticizers

When people are constantly commenting in the comment box, they might use a lot of words which are actually active keywords and this will help in improving your ranking in search engines.

  • Proving People Wrong

Proving negative people wrong is very important and there are a few comments which deserve your attention so you need to reply to the comments in order to prove negative people wrong and also to build a healthy relationship with your visitors.

Ignoring Is Not the Best Policy

Negative Criticism - How to Turn the Menace into Blessing

Never ever underestimate the power of criticism as it can really have good or bad effects on your business. At times a positive comment encourages other people to appreciate your work and same goes for a negative comment. Also, you should keep yourself updated with the thoughts people have about you and your business. This will always give you a room for improvement.  So, never ignore the criticism.

Ways to Handle Negative Criticism

Negative Criticism - How to Turn the Menace into Blessing

Some people take negative criticism too personally which is not the right thing to do. When it’s about work, you need to keep things strictly professional. Following points will definitely help you in handling negative criticism in a better way:


  • Avoid War of Words


Since people are not aware of the hard work and efforts you might have put in for a project, they will comment without even thinking if they do not like something. No matter how harsh the comment is, avoid getting into arguments and war of words. You need to keep yourself calm and composed.

  • Know When to Ignore

Not always, but sometimes ignoring is the best option. If you think that comment is not worth your reply, do not comment on it. Sometimes it is better to ignore things than to become a part of useless arguments leading nowhere.

  • Stay Focused

You need to address the comments which are made on your work but the comments which are personal attacks should be avoided.

  • Do Not Communicate With One User

Negative critics would want to destroy your reputation and they wo0uld want to get in ugly arguments with you. They key here is to avoid any sort of one on one communication so that you do not end up in trouble.

  • Justifying Is Important

Justifications are necessary, not all the time but, yes, in some cases even if you are right, you need to justify yourself. So, if you feel like it, do justify yourself and your work.

  • Look for Motives

Some people will comment you for no good reason. If you are becoming a victim of such comments every now and then, you need to look for the motives behind their selfish acts.

  • Do Not Let People Take You For Granted

If you will continuously ignore such people, they will start taking you for granted. You do not have to accept everything that comes from them and if some has crossed the limit, you have every right to take a legal action against them.

  • Don’t Move In Circles While Talking

You need to be upfront and straight forward when it comes to replying. Be sure and clear of what you have to say.

  • Stay Cool Headed

As mentioned earlier, never take comments too personally and never let your anger take over you. You have to stay professional and if someone is crossing limit, deal with them in a calm and composed way.

  • Accept If They Are Right

This is always a good way to learn and improve so if you think critics are right, accept it and learn from it so that you can improve.

Wrapping up

You need to stand strong against criticism. If it is positive, learn from it and move on. If it is negative, justify yourself, prove your critics wrong and continue doing your work with sheer dedication.

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