Importance of Product Sketching and Tips to Do it the Best

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Importance of Product Sketching and Tips to Do it the Best

Product sketching is very important because it is exactly where the entire idea of the design has developed. Once the sketches are approved by the client, they are turned into actual designing. With the passage of time designing has become a vast field and the technology has grown so much that the things which were impossible for designers to do years back can be done without any difficulties.

Even today, the sketching of any design should be given a great importance as this is an opportunity for designers to play with their creativity, make changes every now and then and come up with something exceptionally well and later on translate those sketches into graphic designing. However, I have seen a lot of designers who are not into sketching as they do not understand the importance of it. They directly start working on the desktop and ignore the quality work that sketching can bring to their work. Let us take a look at the following points in order to understand the importance of Product Sketching. Even sketching out designs for printed postcards can inspire great new vectors and layouts in Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • Sketching gives you a clear concept of what you really want. If you will work on monitor directly, you are allowing yourself to make changes in something which is not finalized. Also, your client will be making a lot of changes and it might end up like a mess.
  • Product Sketching gives you a clear outline of your creativity.

Steps you need to follow in a design process:

Importance of Product Sketching and Tips to Do it the Best

  1. Information Gathering
    Gathering correct information about the product is very important. You need to have one on one meeting with your client in order to learn as much as you can about their product. Good product knowledge will help you in coming up with a better concept.
  2. Development of brief
    Once you are done with information gathering, you need to start working on development of brief.
  3. Sketching
    Sketching is where you can actually bring your dreams into reality. Sketch your concept on a piece of paper and don’t just compromise on one sketch. Keep on sketching till the time you actually get your dream right.
  4. Customer feedback
    Get the customer feedback on your final project so that you can refine it according to the needs of client.

Now that you know that as a Graphic Designer, product sketching can do wonders for you, we will give you some important tips on how to do it.

Guidelines to Product Sketching

If you are in the field of product designing it is essential for you to be able to communicate your design in a very effective way and product sketching is one of the great ways to do it. Most of the designers are of this view that sketching helps them a lot in starting off the project and also completing it perfectly. Also, at times sketches can be more expressive than words and a true designer is a person who can express his design without any words and just by images. Following points will let you know that product sketching is not at all an impossible task and why you should adapt it instead of running from it:

1. Fall in love with Product Sketching

Importance of Product Sketching and Tips to Do it the Best

Practice makes a man perfect so in order to be good at anything you have to love it. Product Sketching is something you cannot do if you are not really interested in sketching so you need to make sure before indulging into sketching is you are going to enjoy it or not. As a designer, you will have good times and bad times. Through bad times the only thing that can motivate you is your love for your work and if you love sketching you will definitely overcome your rough days.

2. Material and Equipment

Importance of Product Sketching and Tips to Do it the Best

Material and equipments are very important in any kind of work and sketching is no exception. A proper equipment and good material will help you express your designs and creativity in a better way. Now, when I say good material, it does not mean that you need to have the most expensive material. Magnificent sketches can be created by good material and not an expensive material. You can see some of the best sketches which are made up of plain gray pencil.

The basic equipments that you need to have is three different shades of gray markers, three primary colors which will be yellow, blue and red. Black marker needs no mention as it is a necessity. No one else can guide you about the pen that will work the best for you so you need to find it on your own by trying your options.

3. Getting a Sketchbook

Importance of Product Sketching and Tips to Do it the Best

You will draw perfect sketches if you are thinking less and sketching more. So, one of the most important things is to get a sketch book and start sketching with a pen not pencil. Remember, you should not erase or edit your sketch in fact you should start a new sketch all over again if you think something has gone wrong with the current one. Turning to the next page will bring a fluency in your work and you can start sketching freely without too much of thinking and that is exactly when you are going to come up with one of the best sketches.

4. Perspective – What is that?

Importance of Product Sketching and Tips to Do it the Best

You cannot be all dreamy about your sketches as they should have a realistic approach to them. Perspective is something which is perceived by a normal eye and it bring a touch of reality into sketching. Also, perspective has different dimensions and you need to understand the best dimension for you so that you can do best product sketching.

5. Positioning of a Pencil

Importance of Product Sketching and Tips to Do it the Best

Have you ever wonder why those lines are never straight? Well, we all face such problems and it has nothing to do with the pencil it has everything to do with the way we hold it. As a sketcher, the first thing that you need to learn is to draw a straight line without a ruler. If you draw with wrist, you will draw uneven lines and if you draw with an elbow you will eventually start drawing straight lines and that too without a ruler.

6. Simple Geometry

Importance of Product Sketching and Tips to Do it the Best

You cannot draw a master in one go can you? Of course not so you should not try that too in the beginning. Start drawing various geometrical shapes in the beginning and later on start drawing difficult designs.

Types of Sketches

  1. Process Sketches: You need to focus, analyze and examine of what you really need to do draw so processing sketches is really important.
  2. Ideation Sketches: Ideation sketches are those which are created by designers while coming up with an idea.
  3. Explanatory Sketches: There are almost complete sketches presented to a client and they are supposed to be self explanatory.
  4. Persuasive Sketches: These sketches are digital ones with all the colors in them.

Importance of Details

Adding details to the sketch will polish your sketch more. So you need to get into details of the product and then depict those details in your sketching.

Exaggerate the ‘Form’

A design concept is supposed to bring out the best of anything. Your product should be visually appealing to your client and audience. So exaggerate the form. Product Sketching can actually help you a lot in designing and bringing finesse to your work so give sketching time and importance if you really want to flourish as a designer.

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