Tips to Handle Distractions in Your Way of Creativity

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A creative person can at times come up with the most creative idea while he is at a gathering. However, not everyone is blessed enough to be able to concentrate on creativity and his work even with having distractions around. If you are a designer or a creative person, you would be aware of the advantages of having a distraction free environment. It actually helps you in focusing more on your work. Concentrating on work gets really hard when you have people calling or friends dropping in all the time. Such distractions not only creates problems for you in concentrating but at the end of the day it leaves you frustrated due to which it becomes almost next to impossible to focus on your work and get it completed.

In order to be produce call-to-action communication, you have to focus so that you can get things done on time. The best way to focus is to get rid of all the possible distractions around you. Now, let me be clear about one thing, by getting rid of distractions I do not mean that you should get rid of every activity and make things completely boring. A little bit of distractions during work are for fun. Focus on your end goal of designing amazing layouts for flyers, websites, brochures and more to please your clients.

However, when there is an important task that you need to deal with and a deadline reaching, you need to say bye to all the distractions you are surrounded with. You would never be able to concentrate on one thing if you are handling phone calls, replying to instant messages or handling other thousands of things. Avoiding distractions will help you in getting the tasks done timely and later on you can enjoy your distractions as well.

Following are a few tips that I recommend you to follow in order to avoid distractions in your way of creativity and will help you in focusing more towards your work:

Email Notifications

A big part of our daily routine is dedicated to checking emails and other social networking websites. Obviously, we do not do it intentionally but while we are online, we will sign into our msn, facebook, twitter and other social accounts for sure. Obviously these sites are great for communication but while working they are nothing but big distractions. If you have signed into msn, it doesn’t matter if your status is busy, people will send you IMs and you won’t be able to concentrate on work at all. So, in order to concentrate on your work, the first thing that you need to do is block all email notifications. Set a time for checking facebook and twitter. You do not have to be on these websites all the time.

It might be a little hard not checking the notifications instantly but later on you’ll realize that its for your own. These websites are a great distraction while working and you can easily forget your projects while commenting on pictures on statuses or replying to instant messages or phone calls. So, the first thing that you need to do is say a big no to all sort of instant communications. Trust me, you can live without them.

If Possible, Avoid Internet Completely

Some people have to stay connected to the internet because it is their requirement. If your project does not require any usage of internet, the best thing to do is disconnect it completely while you are working. Internet is of a great help but at the same time it is a great distraction. A person ends up wasting so much time on internet and that too unintentionally. When you start browsing one thing leads to another and it goes on. By the time you realize that you were supposed to work, you had wasted a lot of important time. So, if you are lucky enough to work without internet, disconnect your internet service immediately and you can connect it later once you are done with your work.

Schedule Creativity

Keeping things organized can be of a great help. Whenever you decide to work on a project, you need to have a plan or a schedule for handling things in a proper way. Set a few hours of work and make sure you do not do anything else but work in those hours. Set some time for your creativity and relaxation as well. Keeping personal and professional life balanced is very important. If you know that you will be having time for your other activities as well, you will avoid doing those activities during your working hours. This will cause less and less distractions for you while you are working.

Headphones Headache

A headphone is a great way to avoid all sort of noisy distractions around you. Some people love listening to music while they are working. If you are one of them, just put on your headphones increase the volume and turn on your favorite play list. This will help you in concentrating on your work and you will enjoy it too. Plus you won’t be hearing any lousy jokes of your coworkers around you.

For some people, music is a distraction too. In such cases, you can simply put on headphones and block all the voices. When people will see you with headphones, they too will avoid contacting you and this will make it a lot easier for you to concentrate on work.

‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign

If you have co workers who wont leave you alone, putting up a do not disturb sign on your desk while you are working at an important project is a wise thing to do. This will let your coworkers know that you really need to focus on your work and cannot afford to be disturbed. However, once you are done with your work, take the sign off your desk.

Clearing up the Workspace Clutter

The clutter on your desk can be very disturbing and distracting. Having a lot of things on your desk won’t let you focus on work. Some people can manage to work with all the clutter around however; it can be annoying for the most of the people. So, one of the best ways to avoid distraction is to clear up the clutter on your desk. When you will have nothing on your desk, you won’t be getting distracted. Also, it gets almost next to impossible to find important documents from the piles and piles of papers on a cluttered desk. An organized desk will help you in finding things quicker and will save your time too.

Cleaning Up the Clutter in Your Computer

If you have desktop full of useless icons, it can be very distracting while working. Clearing up your desktop should be among your priorities. If you are working on something very important, take all the useless icons from your desktop and put them in another folder. You do not have to sort them out then and there. You can categorize them later because for now, cleaning your desktop is important so that you do not end up visiting distracting folders.

Stock Up On Supplies

Nothing can be more distracting than running out of important items while you are working on a project. So, before you start working, make sure you have gathered everything important around you so that you do not have to leave all of your work, go all the way to market in order to buy something that was missing from your workplace but was very important for your project. This is a part of getting organized with your work.


Avoiding distractions is not that hard if you really decide to focus. However, working more than required is not a good thing so you should know when to stop and take out time for the distractions that you have been avoiding. Keep a good balance in avoiding distractions and handling distractions and you will have a happy work life producing really great call-to-action communication.

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