How to Do a Quality Check When Choosing Fonts

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A designer has to take care of numerous things while designing a website. He has to be very careful with the choices that he makes. If you are a designer, you would be aware of the fact that concentrating on every detail i.e., minor to major is not an easy task. When we talk about a website, content is considered to be one of the integral parts of any website. Not only quality content is important, but quality of the font is equally important.

If you browse over the internet, you will find a large variety of fonts available on various websites and they are free to download too. So, while selecting the font, you need to be able to understand the difference between a good, quality font and those which are of a lower grade. Quality of the font has a lot to do with your website’s credibility so you need to be very careful while selecting the font for your website. Select a font that will look great on brochures, signage, and your website.

Always keep in mind that fonts can change the entire look of your website so you need to do a quality check when choosing fonts. This does not mean that you cannot download and use free fonts, but quality should be more important. Good and quality fonts will have positive effects on your website and such fonts are always easy to read for your visitors. So, as a designer it is important to find a font that you can fall in love with. Also, make sure it loves you back too. Following tips can help you in doing a quality check while choosing fonts for your website:

Inspection of Letter Forms

Either it’s a brochure, flyer, post card or a business card, the formation of letter has to do a lot with the entire outcome of the fonts. Same is the case with a call-to-action website. If you want to make sure that you have selected the quality font, you need to inspect the letter forms. The best way to inspect is to find out if the letters are even and regular or not. The letters have to have consistency in them. When it comes to font the angles of the font are quite important. You will find out that you have selected the correct font if the letters actually blend with each other well. The overall effect of the letters should look harmonious and amalgamated.

Understand the Importance of Spacing

If you want the interface of your website to look really good, you should not just focus on the style of font. Mostly people end up ignoring the importance of spacing but the spaces are equally important. As a designer, you must have heard the term “Kerning”. Kerning is basically to pair letters in a way so they look harmonious and adjustable with each other. This helps in improving the quality and the look of the fonts.

If you are not careful about spacing, you will find a lot words that may not appear to be in sync with other alphabets and it can give a very bad look. This will create a lot of problems for your readers as they may not be able to read spontaneously. This can annoy your visitors and instead of reading they will prefer leaving your website. Always keep in mind that content is the major reason why anyone would visit your website.

Font is supposed to be easily readable. Fonts with odd spaces between small and capital letters should be avoided. Each letter in a sentence should fit like puzzle pieces and in the end should give a complete look. Let’s suppose, if you have started like a font with an uneven style, you can always adjust things with the help of proper spacing. One thing that you need to be very careful about is consistency. If the font is consistent and easily readable, you can use it in your website.

Find a Font which is Fully Equipped

The alphabets are not the most important things in a font. It can be really annoying if the font is not fully equipped any by equipped, I mean if it does not contain proper punctuation marks. You should select a font without equipments if you have to write only a few sentences but you cannot write long paragraphs without proper punctuations. Since websites do require long paragraphs, you need to select a font that comes with hyphens, question marks, apostrophes etc.

Font with Bonuses

The best way to find the quality of the font is if you are getting extra bonuses with it. Remember, the typing should look polished and if you can find a font with ligatures, you have made an excellent choice. Also, some fonts come with customized small caps and it looks extremely beautiful when used with the blocks of text. The font which consists of old styled numbers is also a great thing. It makes the numbers look more unified. Sometimes in writing, you just need an extra flair and if a font has swash caps, you do not have to make an effort for that extra flair. Swash caps will make your headlines look more beautiful.


90% of a website’s anatomy is made up of typography and fonts and both are directly related to the readability of the text. Readability is the most important element for a call-to-action website. Well, while selecting a font you should ask yourself one question i.e., what is going to be the use of this content. A simple answer to this question is that it will be used for the content which your visitors are going to read. I have seen a lot of websites who have used such fonts which makes reading an impossible task for users.

The design of the font should not be the most important thing. One thing that you need to make sure is that it should be easily readable. Let users read the good content on your website because if they are unable to do so, there is no point of your entire website. After all, a user is visiting your website for the sake of information and if he cannot read it, you have not designed a good website at all.

Versatility of the Font

A font with good quality will always appear to be a versatile font. The fonts with lower grade will obviously lack versatility and using them is never a good option. Always make sure that you use a high quality font so that you can find versatility in it. Plan and dull fonts may not look good but you should not go with a font with too much of designing as it makes reading hard.

The Cap Off

Quality work speaks for itself. The most important thing in any website is its content so designers should give a lot of importance to the font. You should not save a few pennies and compromise on the quality of the font as poor font will end up affecting your website’s credibility. If you are designing a website, you should definitely consider the above mentioned points.

However, if you have realized after reading the article that you are already stuck with a wrong font, it’s still not too late. The tips above cans till help you polish your font and make it a lot better and easily readable. You always need to aim high for your website and if you will select the quality content, your website is sure to shine.

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