Web Designing Tips for a Festive Christmas

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We all know that Christmas is just around the corner and we all make our special plans for these holidays. Also, we make a special effort to decorate our homes, offices, shops and other places. But we do tend to neglect the most important thing and that is our websites and blogs. Our websites and blogs are very important places for our online businesses and decorating them on events like Christmas is as important as decorating our homes. You can visit the websites of all the big names and companies and you can see the special efforts put into their websites by their designers and developers in order to redesign the website so that it can complement the holiday season.

It is very important to keep your website updated and by personalizing websites on various occasions, you are making the visitor feel special. As a business person, you should pay special attention to your website at the time of Christmas. During holiday season, when you go out for shopping, you can see all the shops decorated with Christmas goods so why treat your website any differently? Remember, this is the best way to attract audience towards your website. If you have a holiday promotion, you can even create marketing brochures which match your festive website appearance.

There are hundreds and thousands of ways to design your website or blog for Christmas. If you are a designer, it should not be that hard for you. Designers are naturally very creative and they can come up with millions of ways to re-design their website for the festive season.

Even minor changes in your website can generate some festive spirits. So, how about giving your blog a Christmassy face-lift and welcome your visitors with festive smile. Following are a few simple tips which can be followed by all web and graphic designers in order to wish merry Christmas to their visitors online:

Christmas Backgrounds

The first and the most important thing in any website is its background. Since it is a festive season, the first thing that you need to change on your website is “The Background”. Once you change the background, it will automatically give a complete new look to the entire website or blog of yours. Finding Christmas backgrounds is never that hard. When Christmas is just around the corner, you can find millions of beautiful Christmas backgrounds to select from.

From simple backgrounds to Christmas trees, from Santa clause to gifts, you can find anything and almost everything related to festive season. Select the one that you think will look the best on your website. It should be cute, friendly and welcoming. Always keep in mind that your background and layout for Christmas season should bring a smile on your visitors face.

Christmas Graphics

Sometimes, small gestures can show a lot. Even tiny, cute animated graphics can bring in a lot of festive mood to your website. The good thing about these graphics is that they will not even take much of your space. Plus, they look way too cute to visitors. You can go for a reindeer, a bell, Christmas tree, red and white socks or any other thing that you relate to Christmas.

As a designer, implementing these ideas would not be a problem for you. People would love to visit your website when they will see all Christmas activities going on. Also, this shows users that your website is running and is being updated every now and then. This way they will trust your website more for any sort of latest information.

Christmas Cursors

One of the smallest and easiest changes to bring a Christmas touch to your website is to change the cursor. Make sure it matches your background and other decors on the website. Your cursor should compliment the whole Christmassy theme. These little changes can do a lot to your website. Christmas is an occasion we all love celebrating and putting an effort to make it special for your visitors by redesigning your website will impress your visitors a lot.

Christmas Song or Stories

In order to make things more special, you can even choose to play your favorite  Christmas song but make sure it goes with the theme of your website. If not song, you can play an instrumental which is related to Christmas. Do not play anything too loud or noisy as this might annoy your visitor. Try to keep things calm and soothing. Apart from songs, you can also create a special tab for Christmas stories. This will give visitors another reason to stay and read interesting stories related to the festive season.

Changing Website Icons

Change all the icons on your website. There is a possibility that most of the icons are plain and simple. You might want to change them into something which is associated with Christmas. For instance, you can go for a snowy RSS icon. This will help you attract more visitors in subscribing to your website or blog. These elegant icons will add Christmas mood to your website. Also, so many cute Christmas icons instead of boring tabs will be loved by visitors.

Website logo – Christmas Logo

Logos are obviously the most important thing in any website. They represent the website and no one would like to change logos at any cost. No, we do not want you to change your website’s logo. The best you can do with the logo is to bring a Christmas feel to it.

For instance, if you have a guy or face as your logo, you can simply make him into a Santa clause. If not that, you can put a Christmas cap on your logo and there you go, a perfect Christmas logo is ready for your website. Remember, you do not have to come up with major changes in order to bring the Christmas feel to your website. Minor changes can be of a lot of help

Snowy Effect

Christmas is always associated with snow and what can be better than a snowy plug in for your website. Snow flakes all over your website will bring the perfect mood of Christmas. Plus, they look absolutely beautiful so, do not forget to give the snowy effect to your website. Your visitors will absolutely love it.

Christmas Gift for your Visitors

As a designer, giving a Christmas gift to your visitors should not be that difficult. The best you can do is, create a web layout and publish it on your website. The visitors should be able to download it for free. This will not only prove to be a great gift, but it will also be a good marketing of your impressive, designing skills.

Christmas Clock/Calendar

What can be better than a festive Christmas countdown clock or a cute calendar? It can guide your visitors for Christmas and New Year too. This addition can be a worthwhile as such clocks and calendars attract a lot of attention.

Added Attractions

Following are a few things which can be added to your website or blog to make it more Christmassy.

  1. Christmas tree – There is no way that your website can do without a beautiful Christmas tree. So, make sure you have it on your website and it should be all sparkling.
  2. Santa Clause – The presence of Santa clause has to be there.
  3. Christmas Balls – Christmas balls are considered to be one of the best gifts during winter season and they look beautiful too. If you can do add a few logos in the shape of Christmas balls.
  4. Candles – Candles, Christmas and winters have always been interlinked with each other. Bring some of their association in your web layout as well.
  5. Last but not the least; sweets are an importance part of Christmas. Logos related to sweets or cursors, anything will do.

Christmas is a very special occasion and when a visitor visits your website he should feel that it is the holiday season. Make sure you bring in all your creativity to come up with something mesmerizing for your users for this special occasion. Obviously do not make your website or blog too crowded. As a designer, you do know how to use things in a correct way. Best of Luck and Merry Christmas!

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