Valuable Tips for Web Design Newbies

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You must have heard the phrase “There is always a first time for everything”. Now, the reason of quoting it here is to remind people about the fact that at some point in life we all do things for the first time. Same goes for our professional careers. There is always a first project, first job, first salary and this proves that at some point of time, we all were newbies. Obviously, with the passage of time we have learn a lot and no matter what we say, the fact remains that initially we had to struggle to achieve something.

You might get tutorials in games and websites in order to learn how to start things but in real life, you will have to learn with the passage of time and with the advices of your seniors. A lot of newbies won’t be really good at handling difficult situations or people. Also, they will need a proper guidance on how to progress in order to become a successful web designer. If you are a newbie and you find yourself struggling all by yourself, don’t be surprised as this is the best way to learn in any field. You may be an expert at designing print material such as postcards. With these tips you’ll be able to transition to web design easily.

The only person who can help you is yourself. You need to learn things the hard way but do not consider yourself all alone in this journey. In professional field, you might learn a lot but initially you need some really good tips and advices to learn the tricks of the trade as a beginner. This post is based on some valuable tips from the professionals of web designer’s community.

Web design community’s advice is one of the best things you can go for as you can learn a lot. If you really want to be a successful designer and actually produce call-to-action websites, then you need to work on a few important things as a beginner and you are all set to enter the fields of professionals where you will have to face some really tough competition.

The Tips

Following are a few advises which are going to help you, a beginner, in learning. Also, the seasoned veterans can learn it from all over again and give their career a new turn:

Never say NO to Learning

It doesn’t matter if you have been a topper throughout your life or if you have stood first in your designing degree, you should never think that “You Know it All”. A person and especially a beginner should never stop learning. If you will think that you don’t need any lessons from the existing players in the game, then you won’t be able to survive. Learning is a very important thing and it continues for the rest of our lives. So, apart from your dedication, show your keen interest in learning new things. There is always something new in the market when it comes to designing field. So, make sure that you stay up to date.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting as well. You can always find good lessons online or you can find a lot of books available in the market which can help you in improve your skills, so go for them and learn something new. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes as it is the best way to learn. Yes, do avoid making the same mistake again and again. Learning from your mistakes is way too important. If you are really passionate about your work and you want to learn something, you would keep your pride aside. Always remember that blogs, forums can prove to be your best teacher. Also, only reading things will not help you. Put some efforts into practicing everything you read.

Accept Criticism – It is for Your Own Good

If someone tells you that you should accept criticism, that someone is giving you one of the best advices for all fields of your life. Criticism can be good, bad or even really harsh. You need be really positive and try your level best to find something positive even in a harsh comment. Try to gain and learn from the criticism. Yes, there can be a lot of lame comments and if they have no merit, instead of replying to them and wasting your time, you can simply let them go. Keep your focus on improving yourself and accepting criticism is one of the best ways to do that.

Also, keep the professional criticism to the work place only. Do not let it affect your personality or other parts of your life. Remember, feedback will always help you in improving so instead of losing your confidence after reading a bad criticism, you should accept it and work harder to improve things.

Have Patience

Developing patience in yourself can take you a long way. Always keep in mind that nothing happens overnight. You cannot learn everything in one go, you can complete a project in one night so having patience is very important. In order to achieve something, you will have to put in efforts. Remember, that in order to reach your destination, you have to go a long way and that way can have a lot of hurdles. If you are unable to learn something or if you are unable to come up with a new design, give yourself some time, relax and then try. Getting to where you want to be will require a lot of patience, time and effort.

While learning, take your time to understand the first step and then move to another level. If you will try to hurry things up, you won’t get the desired results and eventually you will end up being a frustrated person which can affect your creativity a lot. You will have competitors as well and if you want to succeed, you will have to be nice to them as well. Patience will help you in such situations. Also, clients can be very demanding at times so no matter how dumb your client sounds, you need to give yourself some time before replying to them. There are good ways to tell them that they are talking nonsense.

Love it or Leave it

Designing is something you can do only if you love it and you have a passion for it. If you do not leave, it is probably not the right field for you. Web designing and web developing field always have something new to teach you or will always have a challenge for you. You should be either ready to take it and if you are not, you should better leave it. This can be more difficult for freelancers as they are not only handling designing or developing, they are handling it all. You cannot fake your passion so become a designer only if you love it. This is the only way you can become successful because you will have an urge to learn. If you do not love it, the best option for you is to leave it.

Believe in Yourself

You will find hundreds of people in the professional field to bring you down or to make you feel bad about yourself. They will even try to make you think that you are not worth the position or your work is not up to mark. In such cases, it is very important for you to believe in yourself and be yourself. Do not go out of the way and make compromises while finding your way. Also, you should never try to imitate the successful ones. Make sure that you believe in yourself and you always stay what you were at the time when you started. The only thing that should change and grow is your knowledge.

An Overview

Web designing is quite different from other types of designing, in which you are required to make websites and web solutions instead of designing print advertisements, brochures, flyers, post cards or business cards. Web designing requires strategy, effective communication and in-depth knowledge of user experience on the Internet. The tips mentioned above can be of a great help to everyone who has just entered the field of designing. The good thing about these advices is that they can be implemented in professional and personal life in order to be successful.

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