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Either you are designing a brochure, flyer, post card, business card or any other communication material, attraction factor is always important. Similarly, is the case of the World Wide Web. The Internet has become a web of so many ideas, content and information. All this information is somehow presented in a unique way which makes it attractive for consumers. It is necessary for you to surf through the internet and to come across certain designs that you love and some that you hate.

However, good design blog has the tendency to bring to you back on loving it. Bloggers are clamoring about greater traffic every other day. More traffic means higher page ranking and higher page ranking automatically leads to making more money with the ads. Such is called a call-to-action blog design which has a few unique elements when compared to the design of a traditional website. Following are some tips to consider while designing a blog that is ideal for maximum traffic:

Suitable Content

Blog is often considered as something where you can publish anything, yes, you can as long as you do not have desire to make it productive for others and profitable for yourself. However, in order to design a blog which is aimed to have good traffic, and immaculate in design one should always focus on the content as blog is nothing without its content. The content should be appropriate in order to keep your visitors focused on it and it should be the focal point of the design.

It is essential not to distract your readers with excessive images and extra items because it can be counterproductive. In the light of given tips, it is in your best interest to keep your blog simple. It is not bad to go for simplicity as it is common for blogs that want to emphasize the content.

Ease to Steer

It is been witnessed that some designers emphasized on pictorial blogs and in an effort to make it unique. Certainly, it is not bad to use pictures as they are helpful in holding your readers but somehow putting a lot of pictures make it difficult to navigate the site. Readers usually come to your blog from secondary sources like RSS feeds, social media sites, etc.

A small percentage of your readers will enter your blog through the front page which makes navigation even more important. In such scenario to make the navigation easy you can use sidebar which typically includes the majority of the navigational links to categories, recent posts, and sometimes popular posts. Menu below the header and footers are sometimes also used to enhance the navigation on the site.

Quick Loading

Broadband Internet and cable net has brought revolution to Internet users and made browsing easier than ever, however, it does not mean to start making websites which take ages to load. Majority of your visitors will have a very short attention span and in order to immediately catch their attention and avoid having them click off of your site, your pages should load quickly.

It becomes much more important when you intend touse social media to generate traffic. There are blogs that are weighed down by excessive widgets that really hurt the page load speed. It is your responsibility to keep your blog clean and free of unnecessary items if you really want to cut down on the time it takes to load.

Content Placement

I may sound more self-opinionated toward this but I believe that more of your visitors will pay attention to your articles if they start higher on the page. The visitor definitely is going to see in the form of your content whatever you have to offer. The visitors will pay frequent visits if they get what they want in first glimpse.

It is highly advisable to make it as easy as you can for readers to get started with your posts because it is highly probable that they then will be more prone to scroll down for the rest. It will also give an edge in order to get more traffic from social media sites. In order to make it easy for search engine to crawl down its web it would prove beneficial to have keywords at the top of the page.

Design a Memorable Blog

Running a blog does not require huge investment, however, some basic amount required in buying domain and application of themes. The number of blogs has now gone off in millions whereas themes available for blogs are limited in number but growing. In this scenario, it is important to note that most blog readers visit a number of blogs each day, and many of them will feature the same themes. It becomes designers’ responsibility to make it easy for his visitors to remember his blog and standout from all of the free themes by customizing a theme yourself, or by having a blog theme professionally designed.

Greed is a Menace

Having a blog site does earn you significant amount of money and become business for those who take it seriously. However, some blogs go way beyond the limit and let the advertisements take over the blog. In this case visitors usually digest it and consider you more prone toward ads as compare to the quality of content. In order to save yourself from greed and attraction of money try to have a striking balance between ads and content because by the end of the day it’s the content that help in you in having those ads.


It has often witnessed that there are some blogs that do not really open in the same manner on different browsers i-e, either their design rips off or text runs all over the design. Moreover, you cannot restrict your blog site for one browser because you don’t know which browser your visitor is using.

The site should not be incompatible with browser because if your blog is not functioning well in all of them you could be losing readers. The key thing to note is that fortunately, 90% of your visitors will probably be using the leading 3 or 4 browsers. So if you want to keep things in order then you can run tests on the leading browsers.

Use Vibrant Colors

There is absolutely no harm in making your blog more vibrant and lively especially using colors sanely. The best designs always make effective use of colors in order to improve their appearance. Coloring your blog can be done in number of ways, and sometimes it’s even a subtle aspect of design.

The color combination’s don’t really need to feel bad to visitors and make it difficult to read by disturbing the visual ability of blog as a whole. The effective use of colors is the only solution, and for that you need to visit successful blogs and their usage of vibrant colors to get better understanding.


Readability deals with content in particular and it’s formatting in general. The content should be formatted in way to cognate it with blog theme. It is important to note that most readers will be skimming your posts rather than reading them. Try to use headlines, sub-headlines in the text to keep visitor interested, bold text to make your point in discussion.

Position Allocation

The main goal for every designer is to let readers read the most important text in their post. It can be done through effective design because flawless design will draw the attention of readers to important items, such as subscription information. In order to make the best use of available space put most important links, images, etc. generally on above the fold so that visitors will see them right away. Do not forget to get rid of unnecessary items it will also help readers to focus on what’s important.

End Note

The above mentioned tips are practiced and highly effective in achieving good numbers of traffic. It also helps to attract other designers and bloggers to refer your sites and enlist you in their friend’s list. It is important aspect of SEO and ultimately effective tool to gain traffic.

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