How to Convince Your Client on Your Design

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Being a graphic designer is not at all an easy job. Every graphic designer will have his share of experience with the clients who have drive him crazy with his view points, thoughts and suggestions. No wonder, since it’s his brand a client understands the brand and the target audience the most and listening to him is a part of every graphic designer’s job description. However, there are a few clients who will do anything to make things go their way. So, it’s either their way or its highway.

In such situations, a graphic designer is under a big challenge because we as designers understand things a in a better way in comparison to clients. Explaining to clients that whatever they want for a web design can be disastrous for their website if quite difficult. A designer cannot tell a client on his face that his idea can be disastrous if executed. Sometimes clients will be stubborn on designs for something as simple as promotional postcards. Utilizing these tips will help you sway the client in your favor.

If you have fallen into a situation where you are working with a difficult client, you will have to think wisely. At times, clients can act so stubborn that won’t even mind listening to your suggestions and recommendations. If you are in a situation where client thinks that his idea is perfect and you think it’s going to be hazardous for the website, you will have to put in your efforts to convince the client that you know your job and he should let you do it.

Make sure whatever you say, say it with a smile on your face. Even if you suggest something, a client should feel that you are still giving importance to his suggestion however, for betterment of the design he should consider yours. Do not insult him or make him feel that he knows nothing.

Anyways, convincing such clients can be the hardest thing to do in this world. If you and your client’s thoughts are going poles apart, what should be done? Well, are you going to act upon the saying “customer s always right” and do whatever they want even if it is horrible or you will convince them? A little bit of effort can convince your client and bring him on the right track. Here is what you can do to convince your client on your design:

Maintain an Air of Confidence

As a designer, it is part of your job description to convince the client for the right thing. If you sound a little shaky in front of the designer or if they see a slightest display of doubt, you have ended up yourself in trouble. In order to convince clients on your designs, you will have to sound really confident and you need to talk sense. Be it your working clients or potential leads; put yourself or your designs forward with a confidence.

Since, you will be sounding very confident, they will have an idea that you know your job pretty well and this is exactly why they will hesitate in challenging you. As said earlier, you can convince them in a better way instead of telling them on their face that their design or thoughts are not good for the website. Make them feel important and at the same time tell them that you can take care of everything so they do not have to worry.

Remind Them Why They Selected You In The First Place

You will have to prove to the client that you are passionate about their project and since you have been in this field for a very long time you know what is best for their project. You will have to remind them the reasons due to which the hired you in the first place. Because they trusted you in the beginning, they should trust you with the design as well. You have to remind them about your skills and expertise. When you will show them your passion towards the project and try to convince them to trust your abilities, a client may listen to you.

Put References Forward

If you are unable to convince the client with your qualification and experience, you need to make hum understand with references. Show the clients your previous designs which have already been appreciated a lot in the market. Since they hired you considering your previous work, showing them that work might help you in convincing them to trust you with their website. This is a very sensitive point as some clients might feel offended because of this. You will have to handle the situation quite tactfully instead of proving them that you have ego issues.

Reverse Psychology

Being straight forward with your client is never going to work. Since clients think whatever they think is right, you need to make them feel that the design you have come up with is actually their idea and not yours. For this you have to make a strong ground and stick to your reasons. Make them realize that this design is an actual reflection of their ideas. The more confident you sound, the better it is. You will have to understand the client’s psychology first in order to apply this reverse psychology. This might not be applicable on all of the clients.

Avoid Getting Defensive

Getting defensive in front of your client is a big NO. I understand, this might be really hard especially when the client is acting stubborn but if you will get defensive, it will put you in a worse situation and things can go against you. If you stay level headed even during the arguments, you will prove yourself to be a true professional. They key to avoid any defensive comments is that you will have to understand that this is something extremely professional so you do not have to take client’s comments personally. After all, it is their project and they care about it. Do not bring your client to a point where they are not even willing to listen to you.

Do Not Challenge Them

Do not make it an egoistic issue or a matter of life and death. You need to understand that eventually both, you and your client want the best for this project. So, challenging your client on your or his ideas is not a wise decision. Make them understand that you are not going against them or challenging them. In fact you are telling them what you think is best for this project. All you need to do is make them realize that they need to listen to you and consider your designs.

Accept Your Defeat Graciously

If you have tried really hard and you are still unable to convince your client with your designs, act as a professional and accept your defeat. The best way to do is by thanking your client for taking out time to listen to your thoughts and suggestions. Remember you are a service provider and what matters the most is that at the end of the project you should have happy client. Sometimes in the world of creativity, there are clashes between creative people. So, accept it, do your work whole heartedly and try to make a best design with your client’s suggestions. You will prove to be a true graphic designer.

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