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I am a design explorer, i.e. I am a designer as well as an explorer. Exploring the world of designs, the new technologies and especially exploring the Internet for newer design websites is my hobby. This hobby helps me a lot in my career and makes designing easier for me day by day. One fine day while I was on a design exploration on the Internet, I came across this magnificent website that excited me to the core.

The website I am talking about is Icons Land – a whole new island of wonderful icons. The much I kept exploring this web, the more it proved to me that this is ‘the one’ I had always been looking for. It was like I discovered a new island with bundles of icon treasure in it. Let me tell you all about it so that my designer fellows who are reading this blog may be able to add value to their web designs with these icons.

About Icons Land

Icons Land is an ‘icon design studio’ maintained by a group of professional designers, specialized in icon designing. The icons being provided by Icons Land are a mouth-piece of the quality, variety, finesse and defined perfection maintained by the website for all its icons. The management of Icons Land not only produces trendy icons for your disposal but also keep innovation and creativity alongside.

All the icons you will find at Icons Land are in 3D format with luscious shine and glossy finish, so that they catch the eye of the viewer instantly. Also, the icons are royalty free, which makes them even more favorable to be used more frequently by the web designers.
There are different types of icons being offered by Icons Land. All these icons are Vista-style and are made to dazzle from the viewer’s as well as your client’s point of view. Following are some common types of icons available on Icons Land:

Stock Icons

There are a good number of defined and interesting icons in the Stock Icons category of Icons Land. All these icons are perfect in terms of color and style and are well-researched.

Vector Icons

Icons Land seeks the convenience of all types of designers and every kind of design medium, and so there is a huge collection of vector icons. The most beneficial feature of theses vector icons is that apart from being fine in color and composition, you can make them as large or as small as you can. This allows you to put these icons in any available space with no fear of getting blur by maximizing or less defined at minimizing.

Emoticons (or Avatars)

Emoticons are the in-thing when the web designers are making applications like Instant Messaging or Email applications. Catering to it, Icons Land has a vast assembling of emoticons and avatars which are truly unique and equally interesting. Name any emotion or avatar in the world and you can find it Icons Land easily. If you want to make your web designing experience more enjoyable, economical and interesting, then sit back and relax and let Icons Land do the icon job for you!

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