Choosing Color Schemes in Web Designing

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As a web designer, have you ever thought what could be the most important thing while designing a website? Is it the layout, the typography, the composition or the colors, or is it the combination of all these elements? In a previous post of mine, I tried to jot down those few things which matter much when it comes to web designing.

There are few things which can either make or break your website. The utmost importance is obviously given to the designing of the website or the content of the website. The thing that most of the designers tend to ignore is the color scheme of their website or the one they are producing for their client. Color scheme is one of the most important things in a website. The color scheme is sure to reflect your brand’s identity and not only that a perfect color scheme will make your visitor stay and a mismatch color will make your visitor leave.

It happens all the time that you visit a website and it consists of a perfect content and design but still there is something which is not quite right. That something is the color scheme of the website. A designer should always be very careful while selecting colors for the website because if you get a vibe that color scheme is a bit off, you should change it as soon as you can. If you can get it, your visitor too can get it. Remember, your color scheme will make or break the impression of your website.

Selecting a perfect color scheme can be very frustrating at times. You have to spend hours and hours to come up with the perfect tone of red or blue or hues of green and white. The biggest worry of every designer is whether they have selected the right color combination or not. You have to focus on other elements as well while selecting the colors and later on you have to adjust, correct and balance the colors to bring out the best of your color scheme. This procedure requires a lot of attention and in the end if you do no get it right it gets more frustrating.

Following are a few points that might help you with understanding colors and coming up with right color schemes:


The most important thing about colors is that they should be pleasing to the eye. You should not close your eyes right after opening a website because the brightness was too much for your eyes. Just like the musical chords, everything needs to be in sync when it comes to color schemes.

A color symbolizes various things and everyone related something to some color. For instance, white colors is symbolized as peace, blue color is for sad, green is for envy and obviously red represents anger. Understanding the color psychology is very important. While designing a website you need to keep in mind the color of your product and the color scheme should represent your product.

  • Non-harmonious colors:

There are many colors which will never compliment each other. For instance if you make a combination of blue, green and red, you have created a disastrous color scheme.

  • Harmonious Colors

If you combine blue, pink and green you can come up with a very good color scheme. Make sure you try to come up with a new color scheme every time. Do not use that typical red, yellow and blue color scheme. People have seen too much of it.

What Color Schemes To Choose?

Well, no one can ever actually explain what sort of color schemes should be selected for all websites. Obviously, every website is representing a different thing. In such cases, designers need to use their common sense. For instance, if you are designing a children’s website, you need to use bright colors so that it looks fresh and welcoming.

Understanding Color and Their Connotations

Before coming up with any color scheme, you need to understand colors and their connotations so that you can actually use the right color. You need to understand which color represents what and this help you in getting the right color combination for sure.

Do Not Get Frustrated

Choosing a color scheme is a time taking procedure and we all have our good days and bad days. People with excellent color combination skills are unable to come up with perfect combination’s so it’s okay if you are unable to come up with something even after trying for a very long time. You need to take a break, clear your mind and then start working on the color scheme with a fresh mind. You can also visit different websites in such cases. There are various websites which implements great color schemes so you can always get a hint.

Website Color Scheme Tools

Internet and software have made our lives quite easier haven’t they? If you are having a bad day and you are simply unable to come up with a harmonious color scheme, you can download various softwares which are specially meant for this purpose. These softwares have features for increasing and decreasing light and saturation values and you can eventually come up with a perfect color combination with the help of these softwares.

Designer’s Intuition

As a designer, we all have our intuitions. While designing a website, a designer can think of colors to use a website without making a special effort. It is quite natural fro designers to come up with color schemes which will work perfect for a website. You can use dull colors for a pre school website and you cannot use extreme bright colors for a website designed for NGO. So, sometimes choose a color scheme by trusting your intuition and you will come up with something excellent for sure.

Emphasizing Important Sections of a Website

As a designer, it is your duty to select colors in a way so that you can direct visitor’s attention towards the important aspects of a website. So, while selecting a color scheme, use eye catching colors for the important parts of the website and subtle colors for the rest of the website. For instance, use the exciting red color for any call-to-action you use in the web. If the color scheme is not pleasing to your eye, it’s probably not pleasing to the visitor’s eye too. Never compromise on color schemes until you think they look perfect.

Background Color and Text Color

The color of the background of the website and the text color are very important. Make sure that the text color is good enough to have a good combination with the color in the background. It should be easy for the readers to read it and if they have to put in a little effort to read it, you have probably not come up with a good color scheme.

Consistency of Colors on Entire Website

Consistency of colors is very important. Using different color schemes on every page of a website is a Big NO. A user needs to realize that he is on the same website and with constant changing colors; you will confuse your visitor which is not a very good sign. A consistency and harmonized look will keep the visitor stay.

Understand the Basics of the Color Theory

Color theory is a set of principles and if followed you can never go wrong with color combination’s. If you take a look at the color wheel, always remember that two colors opposite of each other are perfectly harmonious. You need to be aware of other basic principle in order to come up with good color combination’s.

Selecting color scheme is always fun and pretty difficult at the same time. As we are surrounded by colors all the time and as a designer and creative person, you can find great color combination’s in the natures around you and get inspired!

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