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Halloween is a unique and international festival celebrated by almost half of the population of the world. From ancient monster legends to the modern day practices of costume parties and ‘trick or treat’, Halloween offers a diversified pool of activities associated to its tradition. These activities can range from recreational to commercial purposes.

From a graphic designer’s point of view there isn’t a more enjoyable holiday for graphic designers than Halloween. Halloween is a holiday that many businesses take advantage of for marketing purposes and Graphic Designers can take find many free resources for Halloween projects. When it comes to designing marketing material life brochures, posters, flyers, postcards and even business cards, all the legends, stories, traditions and history of the Halloween season come together to offer endless design possibilities. Halloween themed graphics like these can be used on printed party flyers and even printed tickets to be handed out before an event.

Whether you are looking for graphic ideas for ideas for a client or a freelance designer who seeks self-promotional marketing material for yourself, Halloween provides lots of opportunities of creativity and design variation. Halloween festival offers a lot of traditional fun you can look into and make use of when designing yours or your clients’ marketing material. This popular holiday opens up new avenues of design techniques for reaching your customers and beating out the competition. The following are a few tips to raise your creativity and scare your competitors out this Halloween:

Basic Theme

For any campaign or marketing material, a particular theme or concept is the most basic requirement. Similar is the case with Halloween graphic designing. As a graphic designer, you are responsible to set the tone of your clients’ promotional materials as the first step towards proper designing. Map out some copy and concept and accurately represent them through images that cater to your particular audience and evoke the required emotions.

Halloween offers a bundle of traditional themes that can go you’re your concept. For instance, when promoting a competition, use a tombstone or a wicked werewolf. Similarly, when advertising a special sale, add ‘Trick or treat!’ in it. You can also experiment with more localized themes for your much limited target audience in amplify its impact.

Color Combination

No matter what your theme is, colors are the inevitable important elements of graphic designing. Every traditional element of Halloween festival is accompanied by its particular colors. Black cats, orange jack-o’-lanterns, nutmeg pumpkin pie, green monsters, and white ghosts. The possibilities are numerous when it comes to color schemes in Halloween design.

The most common colors associated with Halloween festival are black and orange – the type of color combination that easily captures onlooker’s attention. So you can easily incorporate these eye-catching colors onto the marketing material you design for your client. There are some other colors you can use to add spice to your designs like White for a ghostly theme; Green skinned monsters lurking in shadows; Brown, Red, and Yellow for a harvest theme; or even Purple for spiders and witches. For a more professional and strictly corporate approach, you can use your client company’s corporate colors in the icons or figures or even in the background.

Fonts and Typography

Another important element of graphic design themes is the font or typography. Like all other marketing communication, Halloween graphic designing calls for special Halloween fonts and typography. Catering to special design needs of Halloween festival, there are a remarkably large number of fonts dedicated to it.

Halloween is a relatively short season but as so many people celebrate it all around the world and because the graphic theme tickles the palette of so many designers out there, there is a whole genre of fonts dedicated to Halloween festival.  Even designing Halloween fonts is great fun.

Don’t get stuck with limited use of fonts in your design ideas. Basically what usually happens as an immediate thought with fonts is that they can only be used in headings and written text. Strong fonts, however, can be used in more graphic ways without needing to represent real words or text. A good example of such a use is to form a background to an image that could include lots of overlapping words of different tones that blend together to give the impression of an interesting texture without the text being legible.

If you are short of time or resources, need not worry because you can easily find great Halloween fonts from almost everywhere on the Internet, and a huge number of these fonts are absolutely free. However, it is up to you and your aesthetic skills that you pick and place the best fonts from the rest.

Consistency in Style

The style of your Halloween-based marketing communication should have a particular style to it. Keep consistency throughout the communication you design for yourself or your client. The tone that you set in your marketing materials needs to be in the spirit of the holiday and should convey the same message at every communication medium i.e. website, printed material, and electronic medium etc.


Halloween festival has special symbolism associated to it. The festival gives you a unique opportunity to be a part of a season being celebrated at a mass level. Make use of the unique symbolism of Halloween tradition and incorporate ghostly legends into your communication materials to encourage customers to flip through the pages. Also, Halloween is celebrated in almost everywhere and different areas of the world have their own myths and legends which are a part of their particular culture.

Graphic designers can localize their Halloween themes by using the particular legends and mythical creatures of their areas as a theme for your Halloween promotional materials and advertisements. This is a wiser approach to connect with the local public and making the most from your Halloween communication.

Figures and Icons

When one thinks about Halloween, one thing that comes in our mind are the great number of figures and icons associated to it. When it comes to Halloween graphic designing, there is no shortage of shapes and icons you can use in yours or your client’s communication material. From witches, pumpkins, monsters, goblin, ghost and vampires under the moon to special Halloween candies, legends and historical traditions, there is always something you can find for designing.

As mentioned earlier, if you are indulged in local-level Halloween designing, then it is better to use the local legends and mythical creatures. Using local Halloween figures will enable you to develop a better understanding of your communication among the masses and your audience will be in a better position to relate to it.

Similarly, the icons that represent Halloween are endless i.e. witches, ghosts, werewolves, scare-crows, jack-o-lanterns, any creepy crawly insect, and harvest vegetables. These icons can also be used for different backgrounds of your design. As a food for thought, try half moons, cats, pointed hats and other shapes in varying shades and hues for a layered effect. No matter what you use, make sure you blend your shapes and icons into the message.

The Crux

All year long, there are many occasions and holidays marked in the calendar that inspire various marketing campaigns for a wide range of businesses. Halloween, however, is a unique occasion. Business and companies all around the world seek many advantages this holiday to give their regular marketing materials a seasonal boost and keep their business out of the graveyard.

For graphic designers, both freelance and working in design houses, Halloween bring many opportunities to showcase their talent and creativity.

However, my fellow designers should keep in mind that when it comes to Halloween graphics, originality is the key. There is an avalanche of competitors out there. So keeping it impressive and original is inevitable for your design’s success. Also, there is a vast opportunity to create innovative designs. So, all you designers out there go out this Halloween with ghastly or autumn graphic designs for your marketing campaign.

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