How to Go About Logo Redesigning

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A logo is the most basic element of branding and brand recognition of an individual, product or service.  A logo is designed as soon as the business is established and remains till the end of the days. However, at times, due to some particularly important reasons, companies tend to change the appearance of their logo.

This change can be either in a part of the logo or a logo changed altogether. Opting for a new logo design has now become a fashion for corporations worldwide. However, the question that arises is that, is this a correct approach towards promoting a business or merely a sequel of the quest for a unique logo design? After all, a logo is the main identity for business and should be retain their logos to be uniform throughout the period of their existence.

The redesigned logo should be different from industry competitors. For inspiration, take a look at any number of business cards or printed brochures. They usually have logos on them and you can see what styles other companies are using.

Logo Redesigning – To Be or Not To Be?

Marketing practitioners say that logos are considered symbolic to the business or name of a particular entity. A logo design that remains un-changed retains a standing in the market. People recognize it well and can easily relate to them. On the other hand, world trends change with the passage of time and the way to adjust yourself with the world is to go with the flow.

When the market saw major changes in consumer trends around the globe, there blew a wave change in logo design of the companies. Nowadays, brands worldwide are adapting to this wave of changing behaviors and logo redesigning is now top agenda for entrepreneurs and business owners.

The reason for redesigning logo is variant depending upon the particular business’s requirements. Normally it happens that when companies go through overall re-branding, logo redesigning becomes a part of it. The process of logo redesigning can amend any faults committed previously that aimed incorrect customers and that gave negative image to the company. There are hundreds of case studies available in the market where companies have gained so many benefits from it.

Things-to-Remember about Logo Redesigning

Logo Redesigning can be difficult, far more exhausting than making the logo for the first time. It is especially difficult for the logo designers as clients and their public becomes accustomed to the existing logo and, if unfortunately they do it incorrectly, it can really hurt a client’s image and theirs as well.
So for the sake of betterment of my fellow designers, when redesigning your client’s logo, do consider the following points:

Stick to the Roots

You should be very careful while redesigning the logo of your client’s company. Remember that redesigning does not mean that you change ‘all’ the elements of the logo. It is important for you to research that which element of the logo needs a change; either it is the color or the icon that is harming the company. Once you have decided upon the to-be-changed element, only then proceed with the process.

Involve the Client

Sometimes designers make the biggest mistake during the process of logo redesigning i.e. they don’t involve the client and do it individually. Such a behavior results in instant refusal, multiple design revisions or sometimes job withdrawal (unless you make something out-of-this-world).

So always keep the client involved in the logo redesigning process at every single step. You should ask them what the main purpose behind the logo redesign and discrepancies in the existing logo, and then do your best to match their expectations.

Keep it Uncomplicated

A logo should be simple and uncomplicated; no matter it is the designing or redesigning process. Some designers are of the view that changing a logo’s design means to make it more complex and elaborated. For all those who are of such views, please remember that adding small and frequently annoying extra details to the already existing logo will not make it look more professional. Infact, if the existing logo is too complicated, strive to un-complicate in the redesign.

Retain some Familiarity

There are cases of some wise logo redesigning done in the market, without anyone ever knowing about it. Such a subtle logo redesigning has been achieved because some elements of the older logo are left un-touched and so the new logo makes its space in consumers mind real easy. So if you want your client and their target market to make an easier transaction to the new logo, simply chose to modernize the logo without changing the basic theme.

Maintain the Scalability

Either you are going through initial designing of the logo or doing its redesigning, it is crucial to keep it scalable. Your redesigned logo should be used across different mediums, no matter how big or small they may be. Also, from the color’s point-of view, it needs to be usable in grayscale or any other color from the palette.

Make it Genuine

A genuine logo is what people want and look for. Your client’s existing logo may be originally appealing but as soon as you get it redesigned, it loses human interest. This may be because when you redesigned the logo, you did not retain its genuineness. Basically, companies undertake a logo redesign because they want a new emotion to be portrayed when the logo is looked at. So try to change the “look and feel” of the redesigned logo simultaneously.

Modernity Not So Necessary

A logo redesign calls for a fresher look, and most companies go for a logo redesign owing to the outdated look of their logo. However, it is not necessary to always take a modern approach in logo redesigning. There are both modern and classic logos in the market and there are examples of both types that have made their mark. So logo redesigning should be done with a rationale and justified approach.  Although the reason behind the needed redesign may be that the logo is outdated, people want a fresh outlook and take on their logo so it shines through the clutter.

Don’t Mess with the Color

One of the most important elements of the existing logo you should seriously consider retaining is the color. Color is the instant visual identification of your logo. The people, who are not able to read the text or recognize the icon, remember only the color of the logo. So try as hard as possible to redesign the new logo of your client’s company with the same color as the older logo. Even if you do need to (or are required to) change the color of the new logo, try to choose any other ‘recognizable’ color of the company so that it does not loses its general appeal.

Try Different Approaches

Being extra cautious during the log redesigning process requires you to design out many different options with a variety of approaches. Design some options keeping closer to the existing logo with only minor changes. Also try out something entirely different and changed altogether. The more variety you will give to your client the easier it will be for you to float through the redesigning process.

To Reason Out

It is totally understandable that a lot of insight and time goes into designing a perfect logo for a company, but sometimes the need to change it arises. There may be many reasons for log redesigning that prompt your client to undergo a logo redesigning process. For instance there are times when a particular product or brand reaches the saturation level and ceases to give the desired results. In such cases logo redesigning seems a good help.

Also, at times companies undergo merger, so their websites need to have a new logo for them. However, no matter what the reason or need your client feels for a logo redesigning, it is important to take a well-researched approach towards this process. Minor mistakes can lead you and your client to a dead-end. So be astute and ask the client to help you throughout the process.

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