FAQs of Logo Designing – an Entrepreneur’s Perspective

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My previous post was about some important FAQs from the view point of a logo designing professional. I hope that would have been as beneficial for my fellow designer as I expected it to be. This post is more of a sequel to the previous post, however, it addresses to the FAQs from the point-of-view of a business owner or an entrepreneur.

A logo is very important for your business, and more important than a logo is a ‘good logo’. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind while getting a logo designed for your company. Your company’s logo should be the symbol for everything that your company represents. When a customer looks at your logo, it should act as an immediate call-to-action and they should be able to quickly recall your services.

This is called brand awareness. Brand awareness is basically the act of creating public awareness of your brand in order to maximize its recognition. A good logo is one of the most successful brand awareness strategies that define a company’s uniqueness and sets it apart from its competitors.

No matter if you do or do not have a logo for your company following FAQs may help both big and small entrepreneurs and business owners to have a good insight about brand awareness through logo.

The thought process of designing logos is incredibly important. A creative logo can be included in layouts for marketing brochures and help to build brand identity. The same thing is true for placing logos on business cards, customers will recognize the image.

1. How large should my business be to have a logo for itself?

Answer: There is no set pattern or a formulated theory that can gauge that a certain business is ripe enough to have a logo for itself. It is you and your business’ maturity and the stability of its marketing plans that is decisive in the logo making process. There have been some cases in which a certain entrepreneur did not have a solid plan or marketing strategy for its company, even then he got a logo made for his company and placed it on brochures, flyers, postcards and business cards etc. as a result, he had to do a major brand identity remake only after a few months.

If you are not sure that either your business is settled or not or the company is on its personality, services, differentiators and target audience, it may be better to hold off creating a logo so that once the roots of your business get firm, the logo will be as accurate and as lasting as possible.

2.  What are the things, the designer of my company’s logo should know about my business?

Answer: In order to get the most perfect design out of the designer you have hired to design the logo for your business, you should try and make him/her understand what exactly your company is and the things it does. Most businesses have a very complex brand definition and it is quite difficult to try and make the other person understand what you want.

It is important that before you go into logo making process, filter out the attributes, strengths and achievements of your business and try to and base your logo on one of these. Trying to pack too many details into a logo can create a muddled mess. You’re your done with the narrowing down process; it will be easier for you to make others understand your business well, and will enable you to get a concise and focused logo design that will tell your business’ story clearly.

3. To what extent can I influence my logo’s design with my personal likes and dislikes?

Answer: It is not at all advised to influence your business’ logo design with your personal taste. As a business owner, one of the most important business decisions you will make is to choose the design of your logo. Many business owners make the mistake of basing their logo choices or their personal preferences. Here you should understand the fact that you are making the logo for your target customers and not for ‘your eyes only’.

Your logo has to connect with your clients and their perspective is the most important thing. Obviously the logo in not your tattoo, so; your likes or dislikes should have very little to do with the logo design.

4. Can I get away with launching my business without a logo?

Answer: Launching a new business without having a logo for it can be disastrous. Some entrepreneurs are of the idea that they will research, plan and then launch their business, and when the business attracts a couple of clients, they will hire a designer to make a logo for it. This should not be the case, not at all.

The reason behind such attitude is the initial lack of customers and cash flow often causes new small business owners to put off designing a logo and marketing materials professionally “until they get a few clients. Do remember that when you start a business, you need to create the quickest possible route to business identification. A logo helps to create this by contributing to your business’s visibility, credibility, and memorability and helps your business to grow and be successful.

5. Why am I so bored with my logo?

Answer: Your boredom with your business’ logo may have many reasons, but most of these would relate to your own issues rather than the logo being dull or problematic. The main problem of logo boredom is that you keep seeing your logo, over and over again. When you are done seeing the logo for the millionth time, the logo starts to lose its sheen.

It no longer seems as brilliant or perfect as it once did. So for the next time you feel like getting tired of your logo, put your focus on something else. Design new marketing material (like brochures, flyers or business cards etc.), or change up the other graphics that you have on them (like photos, background colors or the font treatments). This will change the look of your materials without changing the logo.

6. What are the signs when it is the time to change my logo?

Answer: Although a change in your logo designing is as unadvisable as surfing in high waters, because this can damage the image and awareness of your brand real hard. However, there are times when your business comes across situations when logo change becomes inevitable. The most common and important reason for a logo change may be that when you first start a business at a smaller scale, you create your brand based on your hopes and plans for the future of the company.

Then once you actually start the business, you may find that your business is going on a bit different path than you anticipated in terms of its objectives and target audience. Here comes the need for changing the logo. However, a change in the brand identity should not be taken lightly. Redesigning a logo requires a solid business reason. Do it, if you have one, otherwise, don’t even think about it!

7.  What should be the color of my company’s logo?

Answer: Picking colors for your logo can be difficult. It is not an easy job to go about choosing appropriate colors for your logo. Everyone has a particular like and dislike when it comes to colors, however; it is advised to keep this ‘personal favorite’ thing to your dresses, shoes and nail paint only. Whether or not you personally like a color actually has little to do with its appropriateness for your business’s brand. There are few key points you, as an entrepreneur, should keep in mind, while picking the color for your logo.

The color should…

  • Tell your brand’s identity through color psychology
  • Lay the color foundation for your visual vocabulary
  • Give light and dark contrast to your logo elements
  • Complement each other and create a proper visual appeal

8. How can I squeeze the best logo out of the logo designer I have hired?

Answer: getting a logo designed for your company can be a very frustrating process. And at times you even think that it would have been easier if the designer could read your mind. However, as we know that it is not possible, there are still some logical ways to approach the design process to make sure you end up with a logo that’s truly and uniquely “just the right” logo. There are some simple tips that can help you get the best out of your logo designer.

  • Work with a designer who can pace up with your style and aesthetics
  • Gather some examples of logos that match your interest
  • Explain your business attributes and achievements thoroughly to the designer
  • Once you start getting response, give detailed feedback
  • Remember that your logo is to appeal to your best clients, and not just you

Follow these tips and get closer to a logo that works for your business. These will also avoid you frustrating yourself with design repetitions.  Don’t get annoyed, as it is worth going through the process to get the best logo possible for your business.

Your logo is more than just an important part of your marketing materials. It is the face of your business. Your logo gives clients and prospects a visual reference to pair with your business name, which increases the memorability of your brand.

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