A Roundup of 20 Articles & Tutorials About Using Negative Space

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Negative space, also referred to as ‘whitespace’ in design, can dramatically improve your designs and help them breathe more and have a much better flow. Today we have collected 20 articles and tutorials to get you started understanding negative space and effectively applying those principles in your designs.

Whether you’re a graphic designer or you design solely for the web, I am certain you will learn quite a lot from those articles. Some of them are geared more towards web-design but some also refer to drawing and painting or simply talk about how to effective use white space to craft more interesting designs. I hope you’ll enjoy this post!

1. Enhancing Your Art with Negative Space

2. An introduction to Negative Drawing with Mike Sibley

3. Negative Space – A Drawing Tutorial

4. Negative Space

5. Positively Negative: A Tutorial about Negative Space

6. Negative Space: nothing says a lot

7. Using Negative Space Effectively In Logos

8. Whitespace

9. Using White Space Effectively In Web Design

10. Use Whitespace to Indicate Relationships Between Content Elements

11. Whitespace: The Underutilized Design Element

12. Use of White in Web Design: Tips and Trends

13. Improving typography through space

14. How To Add White Space

15. On White Space in Graphic Design

16. CSS 101

17. Design Tip: The Value Of White Space

18. White Space and Simplicity: An Overview

19. Grid Design, A Classic Beauty For Whitespace Freaks

20. White Space in Your Web Design & Graphic Design


I hope you learned a thing or two from those articles. Of course feel free to chime in and share your discoveries with the rest of us. Have you read a great article about negative space/ whitespace recently? Please drop the link in the comment section! 😉

Tom Walker is a writer and designer who works for Cartridge Save where he reviews products such as the HP 337 ink cartridge and manages their design blog.

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