50 Beautiful Free iPad Wallpapers for your New Desktop

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iPad is yet another stunning gadget which are powerful product of Apple, iPad allows users to browse internet, watch video, listening music, reading books etc. with a touch. Some of you have purchased already purchased and to make your iPad customized, I am sure you were looking for some beautiful wallpaper for your brand new iPad.

The iPad is a tablet computer designed and marketed by Apple for Internet browsing, media consumption, gaming, and light content creation. Released in April 2010, it established a new class of devices between smartphones and laptops.

This post contains the first ever set of wallpapers created by several designers and photographers in the web for the iPad. “50 Beautiful Free iPad Wallpapers for your New Desktop” are compiled below for those who are aiming to customize wallpapers for the gadget once they have it. You will find these wallpapers are picked from each and every categories are listed: grunge, nature, abstract,illustrator, animals, architecture, anime, digital art, technologies etc. As this is the starting, you can expect much more beautiful wallpapers in the future and I am surely gonna post them in the future. The wallpapers indicated here may serve as freebies, so feel free to check out the items available.

Opps! Wallpaper

Cool Black


Bright Bright Great iPad Wallpapers

iPad wallpaper for iPhone

Rob Sheridan iPad Wallpaper 10

Apple Grey iPad Wallpaper

iPad Wallpaper for iPhone

NIN: “Lights In The Sky” iPad Wallpaper

Spectrum for iPad

Missile Strike for iPad

Pirate Apple iPad Wallpaper

Apple logo- Wood iPad Wallpaper

Planet Earth

Teddy Bear

Hidden Elephant

Grassy Field

“Ghosts I-IV” iPad Wallpaper

“Ghosts I-IV” iPad Wallpaper

Desert Road

Apple – Think Different iPad Wallpaper

Apple logo Green Rays iPad Wallpaper

Old American Flag iPad Wallpaper

A set of headphones iPad Wallpaper

Four Seasons iPad Wallpaper

Tamar Levine iPad Wallpaper 08

Rob Sheridan iPad Wallpaper

Apple Logo

Silky Waterfall

Apple Earth iPad Wallpaper

Tamar Levine iPad Wallpaper

“Year Zero” iPad Wallpaper

Grand Canyon

Sunset Ocean

Happy Shark iPad Wallpaper

Happy Girl and a bus iPad Wallpaper

Anime Naruto III iPad Wallpaper

Anime Naruto II iPad Wallpaper

Mother Nature iPad Wallpaper

iPad wallpaper by sudhithxavier

apple iPad wallpaper by amine5a5

Miniature City

Colorful City

Fun With Doodle Wallpaper Pack by tayzar44

Being Nothing Wallpaper Pack by jeffrey

Outer Space

Old Village

Thor iPad wallpaper

“Year Zero” iPad Wallpaper

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