How to create Imaginary Photo Manipulation Tutorial

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Photo Manipulation is being used in all kinds of fields like Advertising, Poster designing in order to express a theme or an emotion. This tutorial covers some basic concepts of image manipulation and also about depth of field using Adobe Photoshop.

Final Result

Source Needed

Texture 1
Texture 2
Rose Petals
Outlet Pipe
Dead Trees
Spooky Brushes

Crack Brushes
Crack Brushes 2

Spider Web
Clouds Brush

Waterfalls Brush

step 1:

Open a new composition of 1000X800px.Then cut the women from it’s original image using the Pen Tool(P). Now place the women on the right side as shown.

step 2:

Now import the BG texture under the ‘women’ layer and turn the texure to Black & White (Alt+Shift+Ctrl+B).

step 3:

Now import the fairy on to the canvas and place it to the left of the canvas,while placing make sure that the fairy is watching the women’s face.

step 4:

Mask the Drain outlet in the image using the Elliptical Marquee tool(M),and saperate the masked area to a new layer.
Now place the ‘drain outlet’ layer inbetween the fairy and the women.

Note: 1) Hold Shift while using Elliptical Marquee tool to get a round mask.
Note: 2) Hold Ctrl and press J(Ctrl+J) to make the selection a new layer.

step 5:

Select the Brush Tool(B) and paint out the rods of the drain as shown.Now having the Burn Tool(O) selected,choose the rust brush from the brushes pallet and add some burn to the drain outlet.

step 6:

Having the ‘women’ layer selected mask the face of the women using the Pen Tool(P) or Lasso Tool(L) and make the selection a new layer,and place it above the ‘women’ layer.

step 7:

Goto the Layer Style of ‘face mask’ layer and add Drop Shadow with Distance=6 ,Size=6 and Angle=120.

step 8:

Using the previous method make some blocks or any shape and add Drop Shadow.

step 9:

Make a new layer above the ‘women’ layer.Then select the Brush Tool (B) and select the cracks brush and add some cracks on the face,neck and hand.


Now make a new layer above the ‘bg texture’ layer and select the Brush Tool(B) and choose the cracks brush from the brushes pallet,then with black colour add cracks.


Using the Pen Tool(P) select the the skin part of the fairy to colour correct only the skin.


Now goto Image>Adjustments>Hue and Saturation and make sure the colorize box is checked in the Hue and Saturation box,then change Hue=22,Saturation=15,Lightness=+3.

Now adjust the brightness from Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast Brightness=50,Contrast=17. Then add Diffuse Glow to the skin with Glow amount set to 14 and Clear Amount=20 (Filter>Distort>Diffuse Glow).


Make a new layer above all the layers and name it as ‘white clouds’,then add some white clouds using the clouds brush,the clouds should be in such a way that the fairy is emerging from them.


Now make a new layer above the ‘white clouds’ layer and add some black clouds in this layer.


With the Brush Tool selected add spider web in the corners of the canvas.


Draw some random mask with the Lasso Tool(L) on the ‘bg texture’ layer and make the selection a new layer,and name it ‘patch 1’.


Mask out the globe from it’s original image and import it on to our canvas and place it under the ‘patch 1’ layer and resize it using the Move Tool(V).

Then colour correct the globe Using the Hue & Saturation and Exposure.Playing with colours is fun,so enjoy colour correcting the globe.


Now buy using the waterfalls brush paint black on the ‘drain outlet’ layer to show that the drain is beeing used since a long time.


From here we will be concentrating on the depth of field. Using the spooky trees brush paint a tree near the fairy,assume that this tree is close to fairy.


Now add another spooky tree on the left side top corner.Let’s assume that this tree is far from the fairy,hence this tree must be out of focus,so let’s add Gaussion Blur to it.Goto Filter>Blur>Gaussion Blur and set the Radius to 0.9pixels.


Make a new layer inbetween the spooky tree 1 and 2 and add few birds with the Brush Tool(B), consider these birds to be near the fairy so that they will be in focus.


Select the rose petals brush from the brushes pallet and add some petals with red colour.


Similarly as in the above step add few more petals and transform it by using the Move Tool(V) in such a way that the petals are beeing blown by the fairy.


Having the second rose petals layer selected open the Layer Style by right clicking on the layer. In the Layer Style check the Gradiant Overlay and set the gradiant as shown.


With the Type Tool(T) selected and Font size set to 122pixels type in HOPE. Then place it at the bottom of the canvas as shown.


According to our assumption the ‘HOPE’ text should be out of focus,so add a gaussion blur of Radius of 7.6pixels.


Merge all tha layers except the text layer.Let the text layer be on top of all the layers. Having the merged layer selected mask with the Elliptical Marquee Tool(M) and set the feather radius to 40pixels.


Now goto Filter>Blur>Radial Blur and select Zoom and set the amount to 25.

Final Result

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