35 Funny and Creative Cartoon Wallpapers

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Cartoons make people happy and joyous inside. It doesn’t where you’re from, because cartoons are all around us. We see them in billboards, on T.V., in books and magazines, even in campaigns and events! And wallpapers are simply our way of making our desktops more personal and more interesting to us and to the people who view our PCs! Below you’ll find 35 funny, creative, and interesting cartoon wallpapers free for you to download! In which you’ll surely find the one that suits you and your interests, or even more than just one!

Ei-Robot by ReginaldBull

Charming Prince by nicobou

I, Robot – LEGO version by rawart

Hippies Sheeps by bsign

The Screamy Wallpaper by emciem

Jolly by BeBz

Hard Boiled Scrambler by DivineError

The Hand of God by DivineError

xmas sheep by bsign

OMG ITS DOMO-KUN by andidas

cat by nicobou

Snowman Christmas by UNKWinc

Milk Cheeks. by ravenskar

Don’t Fear the Reaper by rebel-penguin

suicide by mercio

Giraffe by nicobou

The Opiated Wallpaper by emciem

The Little Andy Wallpaper by emciem

penguin by nicobou

Sheepo orange by Dimitra25

Peter and Ikea by noMirar

Kawaii Cookie Surfing Desktop by lafhaha

Monsters Escaped by giorgos93

piranha widescreen by ducatart

hungry.tako by Matkraken

Love by mohammadamiri

It’s Cupid, Stupid!

—Stichy— by giorgos93

i dont think they noticed by mikehandsdown

Chris and the Axe effect by noMirar

Please Don’t Feed The Bears


Homer working in office

Gir and Pig



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