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What Is Joomla?

When blogging is being discussed, Joomla is frequently mentioned as one of the best blogging platforms. This is so because there is no doubt that Joomla is one of the best CMS (Content Management System). Joomla can be used not only as a blogging platform but you can also run an ordinary site on it, a shopping cart or even a media gallery (though there are other applications for the last two purposes and they are better than Joomla).

Joomla is a free, open source application. It is written in PHP and it works with MySQL database server. The public view for the default installation for Joomla 1.5 (the latest stable version) is shown in the screenshot below so why not try hosting your Joomla site on a Fully Managed Dedicated Server?

Joomla is frequently compared to WordPress (another leading CMS). It is true that both Joomla and WordPress are really outstanding pieces of software and you can’t say if Joomla is better than WordPress or vice versa. Anyway, both Joomla and WordPress are great and they are light years ahead of the majority of the other CMS, so no matter which one you pick, you won’t regret it.

The Advantages of Joomla

Joomla is popular for a reason – it has so many advantages. Some of them are:

  • Free. Joomla is free for both commercial and personal use.
  • Powerful. The standard Joomla installation offers many features and when you add the plugins to that, basically you have everything you would want from a CMS.
  • Many templates and extensions. There is a rich selection of templates and extensions, most of which are also free, so you can customize your Joomla site in almost any aspect.
  • A great community. A great community is a real asset because when you are stuck with a problem and you need help, there are Joomla forums where you can post and get competent answers.

The Disadvantages of Joomla

In comparison to the numerous advantages of Joomla, its disadvantages are neither that many, nor that serious. One of them is that Joomla is relatively difficult for a beginner. The admin interface (shown in the next screenshot) is pretty neat but it is the shear amount of options in it that makes a bit longer to master.

Another disadvantage of Joomla (and of any other software, which is not custom-made) is that if you require major customizations, you can’t do this, if you don’t have solid programming/design skills (or if you don’t hire somebody else, who has them). On the other hand, when there are so many free templates and extensions, it is quite possible that you will never need to make any serious customizations, so this is hardly a serious issue.

How to Select a Joomla Host

When you plan to run your site or blog on Joomla, one important consideration is about where you will host your site. If you are looking for Joomla hosting, it is not difficult to find offers – almost any best web host offers Joomla hosting. Actually, if a host offers PHP and MySQL, this means that most likely you will be able to host your Joomla site with them.

There are also some web hosting companies, which specialize in Joomla hosting. You might want to look for such specialized Joomla hosting companies. The offers for Joomla website hosting are not more expensive than a standard web hosting offer but even if it is a few cents more a month, it is still worth, provided that the company is a best web host.

You also have the alternative to host your Joomla site for free. Free Joomla hosting offers are not that abundant but actually they aren’t recommendable either. Webhosting is getting cheaper and cheaper, so even if your budget is really tight, usually it is best to avoid such types of web hosting offers. If you haven’t learned it by now, free comes at a price and when Joomla hosting is concerned, the price could be the security of your Joomla site, which is certainly too much!

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