Create a Penguins Illustration Tutorial for Global Warming Cause

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Global Warming is one of the biggest problems of the 21th century. Global Warming is changing our world and the way we live, it destroying habitats of animals. In this tutorial I will show you penguins illustration tutorial whose habitat is being destroyed by global warming.

In the respect of our visitors and readers we offering free Adobe Illustrator source file for use your personal or commercial with our stamp or reference, hope you all enjoy this beautiful cause related tutorial and leave your comment for our better inspirations.

Final Image Preview

Step 1

Open Illustrator and set up a new document 750 by 1000 pixels.

Step 2

Press (E) to select the Ellipse Tool and draw a circle for the head, make it a little flattened.

Use Pen Tool (P) to draw the beak path.

Select both path and press the Unite button in the Pathfinder palette to unite this two path into one.

Select Pen Tool again and try to draw a path as you see in the image below for the second beak path.

Select the head path and press Ctrl + C and Ctrl + F to create a copy of it. Select the copy and the newly created beak path by shift clicking on them and press the Intersect button in the Pathfinder palette.

Step 3

Draw the body using the Pen Tool (P). This step may take a few tries, till you get the needed result.

Select the head path and the body path and press Unite button in the pathfinder palette.

Now it’s time to decorate our penguin. Draw a path a path that intersect him just where he should be black.

Make a copy of the main body path, select it and this new path and press Intersect button in the Pathfinder palette.

Step 4

Use Pen Tool again to draw the  left flipper first.

And then draw the right one.

Step 5

Draw a small tail path and press Ctrl + Shift + [ to send it back.

To swim and walk penguin needs feet. Let’s draw them.

Also repeat the sending back process on every foot. Draw the second one.

Step 6

We’ve made it to the most interesting part – adding color! Select the part of the body that should be black, make it no stroke and apply a vertical gradient from 80% gray to #0A1526 (or any other dark blue).

Select the beak path and also fill it with a gradient (horizontal this time) from a dark orange (#F15A29) to and usual orange (#F7941E).

Select the main body path and apply a vertical gradient again from #FBB040 to white, set the Location to 26%. Leave the stroke for now.

Select both flippers and fill them with the same gradient as the black part of the body and also no stroke.

Fill the feet with the same gradient as the beak.

Select the tail path and apply the same setting for it as for the black body part by clicking on it using Eyedropper Tool (I) but adjust the position of the gradient.

Step 7

Press E to select the Ellipse Tool and draw a small circle on the head. Set the 90% gray as the fill color and give it a 1pt, 20%gray stroke.

With Ellipse Tool still selected draw a small highlight on the eye.

Step 8

Rename “Layer 1” to “Penguin”. Create a new layer under it and name it “Background”.
Scale down the penguin, make a copy of him, reflect it and scale down again. Place the second penguin behind the first one.

Make sure you have “Background layer selected, take the Pen Tool and draw a random surface under the penguins, fill it with #E1FBFF.

Now draw the sides on the iceberg. Fill them with gradient from #AAB9BF to # BFCED4 .

Change the position of the gradient every time you make a new side to add some contrast.

Draw a shadow under the penguins and set the #BFCED4 as the fill color.

With the newly create shadow selected go to Effect > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set the Radius to 7px. Hit ok.

Create a rectangle using Rectangle Tool (M) and place it under the iceberg sub layers. Fill it with #7DA3AA.

Add some detail to the water.

Step 9

Draw another rectangle for the sky and fill it with gradient from #E3F4FA to white.

Draw a circle (the sun) and fill it with FFFAEF.

Select the sun path and Go to Effect > Stylize > Scribble and enter these settings:

Then Go to Effect > Stylize > Outer Glow and enter these settings:

Draw some water drops on the iceberg.

Final Result

Download Free Source

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