Corporate Business Website Design Tutorial (Free PSD file)

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In this Corporate Business Website Design Tutorial you will learn how to design a clean and latest trendy business website design for your desired business, we design in Adobe Photoshop which is really helping for these kind of designing and we helping those who want to design own website as latest trend web 2.0 designs, you may get even free source file for your personal and commercial use, if you have any question about this business website design tutorial you may ask in the comments.

1. Create a new document of 1024×850 pixels.


2. Fill the background with color #1f1f1f


3. Next use your Rulers to make a selection area for place company logo and rest area for top navigation buttons.


4. Now choose “Rounded Rectangle Tool” with radius “5px” and draw as you need there top navigation buttons with two colors as you seen below screen.


5. I searched and found a nice and simple photo to use for the purpose of header, you should use same size rectangle with white background for top and bottom border of this header image as you seen below image.

Download banner Image


6. now we’re going to make an heading on our header image which can be done as follow mentioned steps below on image.


7. in this step we’re going to more creative and professional our design when we just put there heading “Mixing your ideas with our creativity” with follow some specific steps, using “Photoshop free styles DOWNLOAD” and apply whereever you want for make more beautiful your header and also using “HelveticaInseratCyr Upright DOWNLOAD” font for heading font style.

Photoshop Style Download

HelveticaInseratCyr Upright DOWNLOAD


7.1. Ultimate Web 2.0 Layer Styles



I used these blending options onto the fonts layer



8.  we step forward for content area where we designing an latest concept and devide into 3 columns as follow design requirments, in this first colum “Web Design” with an illustrative icon download from, in these 3 columns we follow some Photoshop techniques like blending options as you seen in below images.

Web Design Icon Download





Web Design Area with Icon

Web Design Icon Download


Print Media Area

Print Media Icon Download


Multimedia Area

Multimedia Icon Download


9. The content area and footer is attractive and illustrative for this business website layout, where 3 sections displayed as “Web Design” “Print Media” and “Multimedia”.


10. now we’re on final step where we designing our Business Website footer as follow some latest trends, in this step we draw light yellow background #fffac0 also place there company logo as you seen below image.


11. as all professionals know fotter requirments which we placed there according to our design needs.


Final Result Business Website Design Tutorial

When your finished you should have something like this.


Remember if you have any questions or comments about this tutorial to leave your responses in the comments below and we will get back to you very quickly and this will be really appreciated.

Download PSD Source File

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